Beksul Cookit Kimchi Pancake

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Beksul Cookit Kimchi Pancake is not halal certified.

We are so thankful for the the overwhelming response and enthusiasm towards our Beksul Sweet Korean Pancake Hotteok Mix and Korean Wild Simulated Ginseng Soymilk Sweet, that we have decided to bring in more Korean food for our #ksistersfam! 

After much discussion with the team, we have decided on the ever-iconic Kimchi Pancake! Great as a midday snack or side dish, this savoury pancake is filled with Korea's signature dish, kimchi. 

A staple in Korean cuisine, kimchi is essentially fermented vegetables (it could range from napa cabbage, which we are more familiar with, to Korean radish) that has been seasoned with traditional Korean spices and ingredients, resulting in a fresh, light and spicy dish! While it is tasty, kimchi is also packed with a ton of nutrients. It is rich in probiotics to aid with digestion while improving the immune system. Plus, it is said to boost skin's radiance, slow down ageing, improve heart health and reduce inflammation! 

But besides eating kimchi as it is, kimchi pancake is a fun twist that's delicious to eat and fun to recreate with your family and loved ones. And good news: Ksisters has finally brought in a pre-mix of this must-have Korean dish known as Beksul Cookit Kimchi Pancake so you no longer have to fly all the way to Seoul or make it from scratch to satisfy your cravings! 


1. Contains Wheat, Soybean and Milk.

2. This product is manufactured where Egg, Buckwheat, Peanut, Mackerel, Crab, Shrimp, Pork, Peach, Tomato, Walnut, Chicken, Squid and Shellfish (Oyster, Abalone, Mussel) are produced.

3. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Variant Choice Guideline:

1. 6 Cups (5% DC, save $1.18): We recommend this variant if you are trying kimchi pancake for the first time and would like to do it as a fun family activity over the weekend! 

2. 18 Cups (10% DC, save $7.11): Get this variant if you would like to stock up or gift the Beksul Cookit Kimchi Pancake to your loved ones and want to enjoy a bigger discount!

Ingredients List: 

Pancake Powder: Flour, Seasoned Pancake Mix, Sugar Refined Salt, Synthetic Baking Powder, Xanthan Gum, Vitamin B2. Kimchi Sauce: Napa Cabbage Kim (Salted Napa Cabbage, Red Pepper Powder), Mixed Formulation (Food Starch, Dextrin), L-Sodium Glutamate (Flavour Enhancer), Beef Seasoning, Refined Salt, Oleoresin Paprika, Lactic Acid. 

Expiry Date:  11 August 2021

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