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CAPSULE TYPE: Chewable Probiotics

NOTE:  Consult your physician or healthcare professional before taking the product.

If abnormalities occur, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  1. This product will be packed & dispatched by a 3rd party courier. Product is delivered and stored in cold temperatures by cold chain delivery services.
  2. Delivery time frame is 5-10 working days.
  3. An sms will be sent one day before the delivery.
  4. PREORDER delivery would be done in batches.
  5. Please specify in your order note if you have any special request. 


NOTE: BNRKIDS Chewable Probiotics is NOT halal certified and does not contain caffeine and gelatin. 

Please kindly note that the new formulated BNRKIDS does not contain BNR17 as a subsidiary ingredient. However, its functions remain no change.


Bacteria comes from everywhere¬†that¬†cannot be seen from the naked eye. Be it going out for a family's night or bringing your kids to school, they are¬†bound to pick up a bug wherever they go! ūüė£ This is especially so when they tend to place their hands into their mouth after playing or touching things.

Probiotics are live micro-organisms, made up of good bacteria, that help to protect our body as well as to treat and prevent certain illnesses. These good bacteria not only helps greatly with food digestion, they also keep you healthy by supporting your immune function and controlling inflammation. Probiotics are also very beneficial for diarrhoea or constipation, which are fairly common among kids these days, especially during their potty training~ 

It is extremely¬†IMPORTANT¬†for your child to develop a healthy digestive system and immune system from young. The food they intake and the environment they are in are likely for them to be exposed to different kinds of bacteria. Thus, by introducing probiotics to your child at a young age is beneficial to their general health and well being and also a great way to support the health of gut flora! ūüí™ūüŹľ

In addition, not only adults, but it is also very common among kids these days to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Here are a few ways on how you can spot the symptoms:

  • Lesser or more bowel movement
  • Abdominal cramp or bloated stomach
  • Diarrhoea¬†or Constipation
  • Loss of appetite

Here are many other benefits of probiotics that you may not know. They affect:

  • Digestive Health¬†improvement
  • Weight Loss
  • Inflammation:¬†Probiotics reduce systemic inflammation, a leading driver of many diseases.
  • Blood cholesterol:¬†Several probiotics have been shown to lower total and ‚Äúbad‚ÄĚ LDL cholesterol levels.¬†
  • Blood pressure:¬†Probiotics may also cause modest reductions in blood pressure.
  • Immune function:¬†Several probiotic strains may enhance immune function, possibly leading to a reduced risk of infections, including for the common cold.
  • Skin health:¬†There is some evidence that probiotics can be useful for acne, rosacea and eczema, as well as other skin disorders.

Why Probiotics don't always work?

  • Always read the label and follow the product directions on how to take it accordingly.
  • Not all strains work for every symptom. Remember to find the right match based on proven studies. Always be sure to¬†check with your specialist before taking any supplement!
  • The¬†product quality is poor (live cultures). One of the biggest challenges with probiotics is their fragile nature. They must survive the process of manufacturing, storage, and your stomach acid in order to be effective in your intestines.
  • Humidity, heat and light can also affect probiotics negatively and some may need to be refrigerated. Remember to store your probiotics accordingly!

Why BNRKIDS Chewable Probiotics?

These were the main points that Jungmin looked into during her research of which particular probiotic to bring in to Singapore for our #ksistersfam!

1. TASTE & FORM OF PRODUCT: Getting your kids to take medicine is definitely a tough sell. It's definitely challenging when you just need to find a way to get them to consume it. Unlike adults, kids are more particular when it comes to the taste of food. What's more, medical related items, and in this case, probiotics.

It was important to find the right probiotics (in terms of shape and taste) where her kids could intake easily and them liking the taste at the same time.

  • Thankfully, BNRKIDS comes in berry flavours and candy looking tablets, which allow them to intake easily and¬†achieve great gut health too!¬†¬†
  • This improves their willingness to intake diligently without the thought of it being a medicine!
  • In fact, Jungmin's kids welcome the probiotics idea so much that it has become a habit for them to take daily without fail. There wasn't a need to remind them at all!¬†

2. EFFECTS: For BNRKIDS, it helps to ensure good intestinal health, bone health and immune function all at once for growing children! Jungmin loves how it comes along with its 4-in-1 functions: Probiotics + Zinc + Vitamin D + Vitamin B6, which are beneficial for their kids! 

What is BNRKIDS Chewable Probiotics?

After the successful launch of Korea's Super Best-seller BNR17 Diet Probiotics BNRThin Pro, we wanted to bring in probiotics for kids as well; Because we understand that your kids' health is your top priority and just as important as yours!

BNRKIDS Chewable Probiotics is a 4-in-1 Premium Probiotics that provides intestinal health, bone health and immune function all at once for growing children! They come in yummy berry-flavoured tablets along with its 4-in-1 functions: Probiotics + Zinc + Vitamin D + Vitamin B6 = BNRKIDS!

  • Zinc: Necessary for normal immunity function and normal cell division
  • Vitamin D:¬†Necessary for absorption and use of calcium and¬†phosphorus.
  • Vitamin B6: Necessary for use of protein and amino acids.


To further ensure the freshness in Singapore, Ksisters has also engaged a 3rd party cold chain delivery courier to deliver the products in cold temperatures.



Once you receive the BNRKIDS Chewable Probiotics, you may keep them refrigerated or store them at normal room temperature!


Since 1979, the corporation has been researching probiotics and has gone on to becoming a world-class probiotic specialist, UAS Labs' patented lactobacillus. Lactobacillus has been continuously researched and developed through human application tests worldwide for over 35 years!

BNRKIDS contain Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS¬ģ-1, patented lactic acid bacteria from USA, which helps to take care of children's intestinal health with Lactobacillus bacteria living in the small intestine and Bifidobacterium bacteria living in the large intestine.


  • BNRKIDS¬†contain¬†Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS¬ģ-1, patented lactic acid bacteria from USA,¬†which helps to take care of children's intestinal health with¬†Lactobacillus bacteria¬†living in the¬†small intestine and Bifidobacterium bacteria living in the large intestine.
  • Its berry-flavoured chewable lactobacillus tablets guarantee ¬†3 Billion Colony Forming Unit (CFU)¬†of Lactobacillus per intake!
    *CFU refers to the number of active and live micro-organisms found in each intake of probiotics.
  • Did you know that 3 Billion CFU is higher than average probiotics¬†you find on the shelves?
  • Customised ratio¬†for perfect intestinal environment (Lactobacillus:Bifidobacterium - 2:1)
  • New biotics Formula¬†promotes the activity of beneficial bacteria in the intestine (Probiotics +¬†Prebiotics = Neobiotics)
  • Containing¬†Zinc + Vitamin D + Vitamin B6
  • Patented lactic acid stability container¬†for storing the humidity-sensitive lactobacillus capsules
  • Berry-flavoured chewable tablets¬†for kids to enjoy and have a healthy gut health at the same time!

What is Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium?  

✨ Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a type of good bacteria that can be easily found in supplements and is also commonly used for diarrhoea or for treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as well.

It also helps to break down food and fight off bad bacterias that may causes diarrhoea or constipation.

✨ Bifidobacterium is known to prevent inflammation and protect your gut from common infection such as diarrhoea and inflammation as well.

The most common strains of probiotics are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium and BNRKIDS has the PERFECT ratio of (Lactobacillus:Bifidobacterium - 2:1).

    • This¬†New biotics formula¬†by Bioneer and AceBiome¬†promotes the activity of beneficial bacteria in the intestine¬†(Probiotics +¬†Prebiotics = Neobiotics)!

    How to Consume

    Toddler as young as 12-24 months or whenever they have strong enough teeth to be able to start chewing, are suitable to intake BNRKIDS Chewable Probiotics. 

    • Take 2 berry-flavoured chewable tablets¬†per¬†day, children can enjoy it without water since it is chewable!
    • Children can take it at any time of the day!
    • Remember to tightly close the lid after usage!
    • Do not recycle for other purposes.
    • In case of underlying disease, allergies reaction or taking other medicine, please consult a specialist before consumption or purchase.

    It is recommended for individuals to set a certain time for steady consumption of the probiotics. For instance, if your kids consume before bed on day 1 of intake, please do so consistently for the 1 month full cycle.


    • Need intestinal care due to eating habits and instant food
    • Are uncomfortable with stomach and need to improve the intestinal environment
    • Need regular bowel movements
    • Want to see healthy stools (golden stools)
    • Want to have strong intestine
    • Need normal immune function
    • Need strong skeletal formation


    1. What is the age consumption for BNRKIDS?
    Toddlers as young as 12-24 months
     or whenever they have strong enough teeth to be able to start chewing, are suitable to intake BNRKIDS Chewable Probiotics.

    2. Is BNRKIDS safe for adults' consumption as well?
    Yes, adults can consume BNRKIDS too. However, it is also recommended that the individual should only purchase or consume after consultation with a specialist.

    3. Which probiotics should I consume if I am 16 years old?
    You can consume either BNR17 or BNRKIDS. However, if you would like to focus on weight loss, we would recommend BNR17 BNRThin Pro.

    4. Storage instructions: Once you receive the BNRKIDS Chewable Probiotics, you may keep them refrigerated or store them at normal room temperature!

    5. For vegetarians' consumption: BNRKIDS contains milk so they are NOT vegan friendly. As there are different types of vegetarians, it would be best for individuals to check the ingredient list or with a doctor before purchasing or consumption.

    Ingredients:¬†Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS¬ģ-1, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Vitamin D3 Mixture, Zinc Oxide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Fructose Crystalline, Oligopowder, Maltodextrin, Xylitol, Erythritol Mixture, Strawberry Concentrated Powder, Indigestible Maltodextrin, Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Chicory Root Extract, Fructooligosaccharide, Galactooligosaccharide, DL-Malic Acid, Mix Berry Fragrance Powder ‚Ö†, Mix Berry Fragrance Powder ‚Ö°, Magnesium Stearate,Silicon Dioxide, Beet Red Food Colouring, Enzymatically Modified Stevia, Riboflavin
    ‚ÄúDDS¬ģ is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S and used under license.‚ÄĚ

    Expiry Date: 1 May 2023 - 60 Capsules (60g)

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