Botanical Therapy Bath Series


Botanical Therapy Bubble Bath Series


  • Skin type: Suitable for all skin types
  • Weight: 360g


Make bath time fun with Botanical Therapy's Bath Series which comes in three fun and yummy scents! It hydrates and soothes sensitive skin, while cleansing and relaxes you after a long day. Suitable for the whole family (3 months and up) as it is made with pure ingredients which is not harmful to the skin, perfect for our little ones. 

Calming Bath: Ato-Green

A non-bubble calming moisture bath with carbonic oil bath treatment. Calming ingredients infused with green botanical components to care, clean and comfort the skin. Carbonic acid bath treatment contains oatmeal and vegetable oil that helps keep the skin moisturised after use. Suitable for sensitive/atopic skin

How To Use
Fill bathtub with water before pouring calming bath powder in
Baby bathtub: 1 scoop
Adult bathtub: 3 scoops
Recommended bath time: 15 mins
Need not double cleanse, rinse with water
Can be used daily

Expiry Date17 May 2024 

Ato Green: Non-bubble calming moisture bath, carbonic oil bath treatment suitable for sensitive skin.

Suitable for all skin types.
Suitable for the whole family, 3-months and up.

Ato Green: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Corn Starch, Sunflower Seed Oil, Glycerin, Oatmeal, Chamaecyparis Obtusa Powder, Spirulina Platensis Extract, Butylene Glycol, Lavender Flower Water, Fragrance(26AllergenFREE)


17 May 2024

Store and Preserve Bubble Bath:
1. Please ensure the product is tightly closed, to avoid humid spots when storing.
2. Please do not store the wet measuring spoon in the package together.

Q. Age recommendation?
A. Suitable to use 3-months and up.
All family members as it contains pure ingredients only.

Q. The different products doesn’t seem to hold the same amount
A.It might seem uneven between each product because of the air in between powder, but the real content amount is all the same

Q.The powder has harden into lumps
A.Oatmeal and carbonic acid ingredients are rich in the product, so it might harden or become a lump like beach sand.
Gently tapping or dispersing it with a spoon helps to restore the powder texture

Q. How to preserve the Bubble Baths?
A. It may harden or become lumpy when it’s exposed to humidity.
Please ensure the product is tightly closed, to avoid humid spots when storing.
Please do not store the wet measuring spoon in the package together.

Q. There are dark specks in the product
A. Botanical ingredients, ‘Spirulina Platensis Powder’, and ‘Gardenia Florida Fruit Extract’ are able to be seen as little specks, but those are not foreign substances.

Q. Is it suitable for sensitive/eczema skin?
A. Yes it is suitable for sensitive skin. The calming bath powder have passed the 26 allergen test and tear-free formula test.

Q. Is it suitable for individual with rosacea?
A. Try to use a small amount on the skin first. If there is no irritation/redness, it is safe to use on the whole body. We don’t recommend to use on skin with scar or scab.

Q. Is it vegan? Any animal derived ingredients?
A. We do not have the vegan mark but it does not contain any animal derived ingredients.

Q. How is the scent like? Is there added fragrance?
A. Yes it has an allergen-free fragrance. The calming bath - Ato Green has a natural forest-plant based scent.

Q. How frequent should/can one use this?
A. It can be used as a daily.

Q. Usage amount for both babies and adults - how much water is needed?
A. For baby 1 spoon in the tub, For adults recommend 3 spoons in the tub.

Q. Can it be used on hair?
A. Yes it can be used on whole body, including hair as well.

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