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Can kids use adult body wash, shampoo and lotions?

As a kid I’d often use my mom’s body wash & shampoo, but this is actually highly NOT recommended! The skin of a child and adult is actually very different for one very important reason.. SEBUM.

  • Kids’ skin & scalp produces almost 6 times less oil daily than adults
  • Kids' skin are more sensitive to synthetic perfumes, colours & preservatives, often found in many adult cleansing products. Can be harmful on a child’s sensitive skin.
  • Until they turn teenagers, kids don’t produce enough oil. That's why adult products are not suitable for your child’s delicate skin!


Just like how I take regular care of my hair, I wanted good hair care products for Yeonsoo & Jooha because their fine hair is often dry, frizzy and tangled from swimming, regularly tying into a ponytail for school. Sometimes it was hard to comb through their hair because of the random knots they’d get! 

This started my search for good kids skincare. It took me a few years to find a brand I was satisfied with and one of my top requirements was - individual kids shampoo & conditioner which was so rare in the market until I found Botanical Therapy!

Botanical Therapy is super loved by mommies in Korea! I found out about this brand on Korean skincare forums because they received so many good reviews from KR mommies! I sampled Botanical Therapy with a few other popular kids brands and immediately fell in love with them. 
Because they specialise in baby & kids skincare, when we reviewed their lineup and formulas, we knew the brand has a deep understanding about kids skin and its behaviour.
Kids Cleansing Line contains:
  • Clean & Natural Ingredients
    • Safe & non-toxic
  • Signature citrus, floral scent 
    • Allergen-free scent popular amongst kids
  • Sensitive & Eczema-Friendly
    • Skin irritation test completed
  • Special Patented ingredient in Kids Cleansing Line
    • Magnolia Kobus Bark Extract that soothes kids’ sensitive skin
  • Suitable for kids above 36 months old

About Botanical Therapy Kids Conditioner

MUST HAVE FOR KIDS WITH LONG OR TANGLED FRIZZY HAIR! Korean moms love this because it greatly reduces static and detangles their child’s hair, hair also feels much softer!

Formulated with Argan & Dongbaek Oil helps to nourish, de-frizzes, and detangle kids’ hair. Refreshing citrus and rich floral bouquet scent relax and energise kids. 

Korean moms love this because it greatly reduces static and detangles their child’s hair, hair also feels much softer!


1. Are all ingredients safe?

- Yes all Botanical Therapy products do not use any harsh chemicals. Ingredients are safe and gentle enough for kids.

2. What is the suitable age range to use?

- Suitable for 36 months & above

3. Suitable for which skin types?

- All skin types, it’s gentle enough to use on any skin types.

Ingredients List

Expiry Date 17 Sept 2023

Made in Korea

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