Bud to Blossom Pregnancy Journal


An expecting mom's pregnancy is filled with new experiences and once-in-a-lifetime moments - so you can bet any expecting mother will want to capture each and every pregnancy moment to look back on and share with her little one as they grow up.

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About Bud to Blossom

Bud to Blossom is a pregnancy journal for mums-to-be to pen down their experiences, emotions, milestones, and memories during the course of their pregnancy. This pregnancy journal offers plenty of space to write their most intimate feelings as an expecting parent, as well as document special moments (like ultrasound photos and bump dates) along their 9-month journey.

Jungmin’s pregnancy experience

In Korea, every baby gets a diary given by the hospital for expecting parents to record down doctor’s visits, ultrasound scans and my husband and I even wrote down letters and thoughts during the pregnancy. The diary also included tips and information on what to expect during pregnancy, so it was really useful for me. Now, this diary has become one of our family’s treasures as we take it out from time to time to look back at the experience.  My girls enjoy reading the diary and learn about how we felt as expecting parents and the nicknames we call them while they were still in my tummy! 

What's special about this pregnancy journal?

Compared to many journals out there, Bud to Blossom offers nuggets of information like weekly pregnancy symptoms, sleep training tips, baby and mummy skincare and even breastfeeding tips for new mums. 

The journal prompts mums to get creative with their train of thoughts through a myriad of questions including how they found out about the pregnancy, who they first told the news to, mummy's & daddy's letter to baby and many more. The journal is thoughtfully planned by trimesters with weekly pages to document the experience as well as symptoms to expect and tips to manage common concerns. It also includes fruit and veggie size comparisons of the growing baby along the way.

Features of journal:

  • Sectioned by trimesters with tips on what to expect
  • Weekly pages to pen down thoughts, to-do list, tip of the week, pregnancy symptoms for the week, baby size comparisons
  • Mamacare kit recommendation per trimester
  • Pages to pen down Mummy & Daddy's letter to baby
  • Ample space for bumpshots and ultrasound photos
  • Quotes & stickers to indicate special milestones
  • Clear sleeves to safe keep precious documents
  • Checklist for hospital bag & nursery room
  • Tips on sleep training, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery and more!
  • Ring binder journal for better journaling experience
  • Box to safe-keep journal or used as a space to keep precious items like pregnancy test-kits and baby booties!


Mamacare kits curated for you

Going through body changes during and post-pregnancy can be challenging, and without in-depth skincare knowledge, finding safe and effective skincare can be a daunting task for moms-to-be and new moms, and many feel helpless and low self-confidence during this challenging period. 

We curated a series of Mamacare Kits to help mommies save time researching which products work and are safe for pregnant ladies’ usage. We want you to feel and look your best during this exciting yet challenging time in your life!

  1. Banish Blemish kit - Smoothen & brighten the skin to treat pimples and provide immediate skin relief
  2. Pigmentation kit - Minimize melasma and hyperpigmentation with this duo
  3. Stretchmarks kit - Prevent stretch marks and improve elasticity with this hydrating pair
  4. Postpartum Hair Loss kit - Restores scalp health, prevent itchiness and odour for optimal hair growth
  5. Postnatal Massage kit - provide better stimulation and compression to help unclog and increase blood and milk flow
  6. Bright Eyes & Skin Quick Fix kit - helps to brighten & revive your tired eyes and complexion
  7. Water Retention kit- detox and purify your body from the inside, promoting a healthier you

By mums for mums

It is a collaborative effort between Ksisters, Dawn from @daprayerdesigns who designed the journal, Dr Jade Kua, a paediatric emergency specialist & life coach (@drjadekua) who vet the medical tidbits and Zoe Chu, a baby & adult sleep expert (@sgsupernanny) who provided sleep training tips.

About Dawn, @daprayerdesigns

Dawn is a mama of two little kids - Laurent and Elise. She is also a dreamer, a lover of beauty, and someone who seeks calmness and peace in the world of loud, noisy distractions.

She picked up calligraphy when she was pregnant with her first child, Laurent, as she wanted to have a quiet hobby which she can turn to for me-time and reflection.

She went on to pick up lettering and illustrating over the years and incorporated them to create artworks in which she hope to bring love and encouragement to people who receive them. Her design brand, Daprayer Designs, is started with the intention to let these artworks of love and encouragement reach more people.

Dawn majored in Psychology when she was in university and the things she learnt during her studying years, experiences during her internships and the stories of people whom she knows personally have sparked a desire in her to pursue a cause in mental health, particularly women and kids mental health, through her designs and products.

She hopes that this journal will be a beautiful, personal space for mamas-to-be to share your every little thoughts, clear your head space from the to-do lists and note down all the sweet moments that you will experience during your special pregnancy journey.

You can follow Dawn's motherhood journey on @daprayer and her design account where she offers freebies, gifts and stationery items on @daprayerdesigns.

About Dr Jade Kua, @drjadekua

Dr Jade Kua is a professional, certified life coach. Dr Jade has won multiple awards in her career as a medical doctor, educator and community leader. She is also a mother of 3 small children and 3 adult stepchildren. She brings her extensive experience into her wellness businesses that include coaching. Her clients include adults considering becoming parents at various stages of their lives. The challenges with parenthood vary, including work-life balance, financial portfolio re-balancing, and re-prioritising life goals. She encourages her clients not to be limited by their own fears but to discover multiple possibilities their future could hold for them, and she coaches them towards that success.

Embark on your journey to success with Dr Jade through her website www.jadelifeandwellness.com or follow her on her social media platforms on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube @drjadekua for educational nuggets. Dr Jade’s opinions expressed represent her own and do not reflect those of any institutions or authorities.

About Zoe, @sgsupernanny

Zoe Chu is the founder and director of Super Sleep Company Pte. Ltd, the founder of Sleep Supernanny, speaker, author of Sleep Baby Sleep!, baby and adult sleep expert who has a mission to empower tired and sleep deprived parents to get back their precious sleep for the entire family. She is super passionate about sleep and she believes fostering healthy sleep habits is really the key foundation of our health and well being. She has helped transform the lives of thousands of families all around the world through her Simple 5 Steps System to a Better Night’s Sleep.

Zoe's work has been featured in newspapers, magazines, online news media all over the world including Mindvalley, Mother & Baby, Singapore Motherhood, Sunday Times, Expat Living, Lianhe Zaobao, Asiaone, The Asian Parent, Money FM, 938FM and Channel NewsAsia.

Her Sleep Baby Sleep program has been selected by Harper’s Bazaar Jr as one of the top 12 best courses for parents in Singapore.

Zoe is also a mother of four including a set of twins. All four of her children have been sleeping through the night since they were 3-4 months old.

Learn more about Zoe at www.sleepsupernanny.com or connect with her on social media FB, IG and TikTok @sgsupernanny

This sweet pregnancy journal is the perfect way to help mummies share her story and bond with her baby in the months leading up to her little one's arrival and is sure to become a treasured keepsake the whole family will cherish for years to come.  💕

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