BY ECOM Skin Pack Cotton Pad


120 pads/box

Introducing BY ECOM

BY ECOM is an up and coming skincare brand suitable for every skin type, mainly focusing on troubled skin.

It is founded by Ecom, a social media influencer, beauty editor and a cosmetic professional. As a beauty creator, she has worked with many companies as an advisor and finally decided to launch her own honest brand based on her knowledge and experience of trying over 5000 products! 

Not only is BY ECOM an honest and cruelty-free brand, they also communicate with the consumers and only thinks about improving and helping the skin. The brand promises to understand the root of the skin and restore the skin's self sustainable abilities. 

By using the safest and best ingredients, reasonable price and proven real results, you would want to use BY ECOM products forever.  

Cotton Skin Pack Pad

If you love Korean skincare, you will be familiar with the 7 layer method. It's a super popular way to lock in moisture by applying 7 layers of toner. However, some might find that applying layers with a break in between might be annoying, especially if you're rushing in the morning. 

This is where we introduce an alternate method called toner masking AKA "skin pack" – how the Koreans say it! Let's be honest, we all know how sparingly we use our beloved skincare products. BY ECOM created cotton pads which reduce toner wastage by half compared to regular cotton pads available at your local drugstore. 

It is important to fully soak the cotton pads so that it will adhere to your skin nicely and hydrate the skin thoroughly. We recommend to focus on dry areas and redness-prone areas – cheeks, forehead and chin. 

This method is definitely a quick fix for dry and inflamed skin plus due to the toner's lightweight formula, it leaves your skin feeling fresh and ready for your makeup application. 

TIP! Always remember to remove it before it dries up, doing this prevent the cotton pad from sucking back the moisture out of your skin through osmosis. 

Using it with Pure Calming First Water
Moisten with toner and place on the desired area - cheeks/ forehead/ chin for 10~15 mins. Gently tap remaining toner into your skin. 

Using it with Heartleaf Blackhead Cleaner
Soak with liquid activator and place it on problem areas - nose/ cheeks/ forehead/ chin for 5~10 mins. Wash off and continue with your skincare routine. 

Remember to dilute it if you have sensitive skin!
2 (Blackhead Cleaner) : 1 (water)  OR  1 (Blackhead Cleaner) : 3 (water) 

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