Via de Jen C'est La Vie shoulder Pad T (3 colours)

1 - 4 OCT

5 - 16 OCT


Note: Please be advised that you may find dark spots on the Cream coloured T-shirts. This is not a stain but cottonseed marks. It is a characteristic of organic fabric that has not been dyed or processed.

Via de Jen is a South Korean fashion label founded by Je Eun and is known for its chic, elegant and timeless designs. Her pieces come in the prettiest of pastel hues while some boasts bold yet wearable shades for day to day. Plus, the brand is also known to be widely popularised by Korean women! 

Designed to hold the shoulder angle with a pad in a T-shirt, the C'est La Vie shoulder Pad T is a droopy style top with shoulder pads incorporated, that comes in a range of three neutral colours for you to choose from. It is suitable for both your daily look and the must-have item in your wardrobe. 

With its prominent shoulder curved silhouette, it helps to make your face look smaller and your arms thinner at the same time, to create an overall soft look. Unlike other sleeveless pieces, It can be worn casually by revealing your arms in a subtle way.

Its wide armhole line is an essential element in the silhouette. If the sleeves are narrower, it will make you look bloated since only your shoulders are being emphasised in the overall look. As such, we recommend you to wear a bra or bralette inside.

The fabric is turned over natural from the body structure, wrapping the shoulder pad cushion, and finishes with sewing from within. This helps to prevent the pad from falling off or being seen from the surface. With its shoulder pad details, the perfect colour coordinated lettering prints certainly stand out! 

The words, on the top, "C'EST LA VIE" means "This is life!" in French. "Our lives are not what we want. So don't complain and don't lose heart. Even if there are no changes, Why don't you just say 'C'est La Vie!' Then laugh it off and find out what you can do! It's all about 'C'est La Vie', a well-known saying that has been quoted often, which can help remind us that even if there may be things we can't control, we can still do what we can to be better! 

AVAILABLE in: Cream, Blue and Grey. 

Athough the top comprises of a simple base colour, there are variations of how the words are coordinated with different appropriate colours and pattern. With its fabrics processed with 100% cotton, you can feel COOL and RETRO with this loose overall styling and trendy sleeve-hole lines.

Material: 100% Cotton

NOTE: There may be a difference in colour and brightness according to your monitor. Depending on the measuring position, there may be an error of 1-3cm.

Size Chart

Washing Method

Dry Cleaning. Do not twist. Do not Bleach. Use dedicated detergent. Dry in the shade. Do not steam dry. 

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