Cheongsum Fermented Pear & Bellflower Root Concentrate

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Size: 30 sachets (10g) per box


Fermented pear & bellflower root is a drink Korean mums would make for their kids whenever they caught a cold. It's their home remedy and it usually takes a lot of time to make. Thankfully, we now have them in a sachet or concentrate drink!

The Cheongsum Fermented Pear & Bellflower Root Concentrate contains 100% natural ingredients: Pear, Bellflower Root, Ginger, Radish, Lily Turf, Licorice Root & Jujube, with immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties that help prevent cough and coldsMade with no additional sweeteners or preservatives, it's great for the entire family, even kids!

- People of all ages (adults & children) who need to guard their health against catching a cold, cough, flu or sore throat.
- Infants and toddlers who shun the taste of pear, bellflower root and ginger.
- People looking for a healthy substitute for coffee or carbonated drinks.
- People who lack vegetable and fruit intake.

Pear Concentrate [Pear 100%, Domestic] 56%, Bellflower Root Concentrate [Bellflower Root Concentrate(Solid Content 12.5%, Domestic) 89%, Fermented Medicinal Bellflower concentrate(Solid Content 50%, Domestic) 11%] 35%, Plant Mixture Concentrate[Dried Radish(Domestic), Ginger(Domestic), Jujube(Domestic), Lily turf(Domestic), Licorice Root(Domestic)]

Dietary Needs: Nutri Grade B

10g x 30pc

16 June 2024

Is it sweet?
- Yes, Pear concentrate has its natural sweetness, which does not come from sugar.

How many packets can I drink in a day?
- Recommended 1-2 packets per day

Do I need to drink before or after a meal?
- There is no set time, it is up to the consumer's preference. If you have a sensitive stomach, do consume it after a meal.

Can I add sugar/fruits/milk to the product?
- Yes, it is up to the consumer's preference.

Does it help to reduce phlegm?
- As seen on Cheongsum Smart-store on Naver, more than 1,000 customers in Korea have shared it helps to reduce phlegm and cough.

Is there a minimum age for consumption?
- There is no minimum age for consumption, but do consider a daily limit for toddler/ infants to consume. We recommend mixing it with hot/warm water for them (for those under 2 years old).

Can pregnant/breastfeeding mums consume?
- Yes, but we strongly encourage them to discuss any allergy concerns with a doctor/ gynaecologist prior to consumption.

Will it help those with sinus conditions?
- Yes, it helps, though it is more focused on alleviating cough and phlegm.

Is it halal or vegan friendly?
- It is Vegan certified only.

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