Cosmic Mansion Hand Cream (4 types)

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  • Recommended for: Individuals looking to incorporate hand cream into your daily routine
  • Available Scents: Another Morning, Linen & Musk, Girl with Rose and Full Moon
  • Volume: 40g


Experience the ultimate indulgence for your hands with Cosmic Mansion Hand Cream (4 types). First unveiled at our Ksisters Hello Summer pop-up in April 2023, and since then, it has gained immense popularity and appreciation from our beloved #ksistersfam. 

Cosmic Mansion Hand Cream (4 types) offers a luxurious and revitalising experience for your hands. Designed in a sleek squeeze tub, this hand cream embodies elegance and sophistication, making it a must-have addition to your skincare routine.


  • Light lotion cream consistency
  • Water trap formula
  • Pure vaseline originated vegetable
  • Revitalising care
  • Not tested on animals


    No.09 Another Morning: Sets the mood for a lively, vibrant and optimistic beginning. This clean and delicate fragrance composed of crisp florals approaches you charmingly. A grassy, green floral scent is blended with fresh freesia and tulip scent to energise another romantic morning.

    • Top note: Ghubarb, Freesia
    • Middle note: Jasmin, Tulip
    • Base note: Vetiver, Cedar Wood

    No.11 Linen & Musk (Beige): A relaxing and comforting fragrance. The powdery scent of sun-dried clean linen and blooming muguet flowers is topped with fresh Spanish sage and bergamot. The creamy blend with a baes of white musk and cedar gives iff a subtle yet long lasting sensation. 

    • Top note: Spanish Sage, Bergamot
    • Middle note: Sun-dried linen, Muguet
    • Base note: White musk, Cesar

    No.04 Girl with Rose: Astringent, yet refreshing sweetness of grapefruit is blended with natural and raw Bulgarian rose for a wild appeal. Named 'Girl with Rose', this fragrance is unabashedly feminine, but it also leaves a strong impression from the mash of torn down rose petals and broken grapefruit. 

    • Top note: Bulgarian rose
    • Middle note: Grapefruit
    • Base note: Amber

      No.05 Full Moon: Known to treat insomnia and depression, lavender is blended with other floral notes like peony, jasmine, and orchid. This elegant and light floral fragrance will help you find peace at heart. Use it in the bedroom before bedtime to enhance full comfort and even keep the bugs away.

      • Top note: Lavender
      • Middle note: Peony, Orchid
      • Base note: Gardenia, Musk

        HOW TO USE

        • Apply as often as needed especially after washing your hands.
        • Massage your hands with circular movements to enable the cream to penetrate deeply.

        Cypress water, barley seed oil, vegetable Vaseline, sheaver, bottle grass extract, madecassoside, betaine adenosine, etc

        4.2cm x 13.2cm

        Another Morning: 27 April 2024
        Linen & Musk: 12 Dec 2025
        Girl with Rose: 30 Nov 2025
        Full Moon: 30 Nov 2025

        1. Keep out of reach of pets and children
        2. If the solution gets on leather, textiles or furniture, the surface can be damaged.
        3. If the solution gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult a physician.
        4. Store away from high temperatures or direct sunlight.
        5. Be careful as it may break if subjected to impact.

        Q. What does the pure vaseline originated vegetable refer to?
        It refers to the ingredients extracted from plants such as sugarcane, coconut, and shea butter as a base.

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