Cosmic Mansion Tweed Fragrance Linen Sachet (2 types)



  • Recommended for: Creating an authentic fragrance experience for any corner of your homes.
  • Available Scents: RO-SE (pink) and Spring Shower (green)
  • Volume: 


Cosmic Mansion Fragrance Tweed Linen Sachet (2 types) is a pouch-type linen sachet that immediately changes the scent of a space. Made by coating the gemstone potpourri with undiluted oil, this contributes to a strong and long lasting scent. Available in 2 scents — RO-SE (pink) and Spring Shower (green).

RO-SE (pink): Orange peel with praise for the unchanging things touches the tip of the nose, illuminating the senses with a moderate concentration of freshness, and the quiet and soft sensibility of Oregano with Ginger of base note gives you a "rest" in the city. 

  • Top note: Petitgrain, Orange peels
  • Middle note: Lemon, Jasmine
  • Base note: Oregano, Vetiver

Spring Shower (green)These days, the meaning of a scent is considered more important than ever as a way to express one's individuality. "Spring Shower" is the scent that wakes up your sense of smell. It purifies your body and mind with a refreshing scent, gives you a refreshing vitality, making your day stand out even more. Feel the fluttering excitement of citron, lime, and lemon mixed to give you that fresh and lively citrus scent. 

  • Top note: Citron, Lime
  • Middle note: Orange blossom, Basil
  • Base note: Patchouli

      HOW TO USE

      • Place it in various places such as a car, on a desk, or in a closet, and then put it in a travel bag when the scent fades after about 2 months. (The scent will not fade unless you remove the scented bag from the sachet)
      • Place it in the toilet, cupboard or drawer of your home.

      10cm x 13.5cm, String: 26.7cm

      RO-SE: 15 July 2025
      Spring Shower: 15 July 2025

      Storage and Handling Precautions
      1. Keep out of reach of pets and children
      2. Avoid prolonged skin contact
      3. Do not use for other than the intended purpose.
      4. Keep away from heat and sunlight.
      5. Keep away from furniture, leather products, cloth, plastic, acrylic, painted products, it may stain and cause colour loss.
      6. If it goes into your eyes, please wash it off immediately. If there is any further discomforts, please consult a doctor immediately.

      1. How long can one sachet last / Recommended cycle of replacement?
      Each sachet is recommended for 1-2 months usage.

      2. Will the scent fade if we remove the scented bag from the sachet?
      Yes the scent will fade. As such, we recommend you to leave the product as it is when you open the box.

      3. Where can the scented bag be found?
      It is a separable bag that can be found inside the sachet.

      4. Is it suitable for those with babies, children and pets?
      Results detected from composition test states that no chemical composition is harmful to the human body. We also recommend you to check the ingredient list before purchase and keep them out of reach from them.

      5. Is 1 sachet sufficient for bigger spaces (eg: living room)?
      Sachet scent is generally weaker than the diffuser’s scent. Thus, we recommend to use it in smaller spaces (eg: wardrobes, cars, bathrooms)

      6. Is the oil natural or synthetic?
      It is produced by blending a small amount of natural oil with synthetic oil that is harmless to the human body.

      7. Will the scent pervade on clothes if placed in the closet?
      Yes, the scent will softly pervade on your clothes.

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