Daily Cha-E Vitapresso Filter

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    Daily Cha-E's multi-filtered showerhead is compatible with both ACF (Activated Carbon Fiber) & Vitapresso. For those who prefers showering with Aroma Therapy can pick Vitapresso (comes in 6 scents), but for those who prefer scentless can opt for ACF Filter! Comes in 92mm shower head, no noise, sturdiness, lightweight, drinking water quality, safe for babies and even as a drinking water!

    Sediment Filter: Removes rust, impurities & foreign matters.
    Antibacterial ACF Filter: 
    Remove chemical substances such as chlorine, odors & impurities in tap water.
     - Rich Vitamin C without chemical additives to moisture and elasticize your skin, relieve acne, and effectively remove residual chlorine from tap water. 

    Suitable for sensitive skin, pets & kids (Antibacterial ACF Filter)

    Vitapresso (6 Synthetic Scents + Vitamin C)
    - Red Grapefruit
    - Lavender
    - Blackberry
    - Bahama Blue
    - Black Cherry
    - White Musk

    Vitapresso Filter:
    Outer Diameter: 78mm, Height: 25mm

    Primary Filter: Sediment Filter - 1.5~2 Months
    Secondary Filter (Unscented): ACF Filter (Unscented) - 3 Months
    Secondary Filter (Scented): Vitapresso Filter (Scented) - 1 Month

    Antibacterial ACF Filter - Suitable for kids & pets
    Vitapresso Filter - Suitable for adults









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