Dasique Eyeshadow Palette 04 Pastel Dream


Complete Your Pastel Dreams with Unique and Dreamy Shades from Dasique!

The pastel shades we've all been waiting for, all in one eyeshadow palette! Now you can dream your pastel perfect moment with the Pastel Dream palette from Dasique~

The most scrumptious Dasique palette to date, with sweet yet versatile colours to give you the perfect ethereal touch to your eye look!

Being light and compact, it's easy to carry in your purse and touch up your look. Transform your bright day look to a deeper evening look, or add some more shimmer to give your eyes that extra twinkle, all on the go! 

With shades inspired by pink skies, cotton candy, and all things magical, the #04 Pastel Dream Dasique palette is sure to sweeten up your makeup collection. As always, Dasique eyeshadows are long-wearing, highly pigmented, blendable, and oh so buttery. Always a delight to put on~

Following the explosive popularity of the first two palettes #01 Sugar Brownie and #02 Rose Petal, Dasique continues to please the crowd of Korean beauty creators and influencers, and its popularity is attributed to the quality product which is even more loved by its affordability! 


High Pigmentation: All 9 shades on Dasique's #04 Pastel Dream eyeshadow palette will impress and wow with its pigmentation and colour payoff! The glitter sparkles are also special because they will instantly brighten up the eye area and add a special touch to any eye makeup.

Shades for Any Skin Tone: The choice of creating any look is yours to make. These shades are easy to mix and the result? Beautiful moods and looks which suit almost everyone!

Versatile Colours To Wear: If you are a makeup junkie and have different eyeshadow palettes for different looks, it's time to focus on Dasique's Pastel Dream eyeshadow palette for that all-in-one function! Use it as a daily makeup look or a party look with extra shimmer and glitter for fun nights out~

Easy To Blend Shades and Textures: Did we already mention that all 9 silky shades from the Pastel Dream palette are easy to apply and blend? Add depth and create layers of textures as you wish to your eyeshadow look simply with some light touches of your fingers or brush!

4 Textures

Flat Matte: Lightly fitted, pressed type, buttery matte creates smooth base for your eye. (Shades: #3 Marigold, #5 Cotton Candy, #7 Melted Candy)

Glam Shimmer: Fine shimmering glitters added on buttery matte completes elegant look. (Shade: #8 Loves Moon, #9 Fall In Love)

Dazzling Glitter: Pressed type super shimmering glitter adds soft yet dazzling radiance. (Shades: #6 Pink Romance)

Tears Glitter: Sparkling metallics with high-shine creamy texture adds unbelievable dimension to every look. (Shades: #1 Sugar Pop, #2 Love Deary, #4 Chemistry)



9 Dreamy Shades: #1 Sugar Pop, #2 Love Deary, #3 Marigold, #4 Chemistry, #5 Cotton Candy, #6 Pink Romance, #7 Melted Candy, #8 Loves Moon, #9 Fall In Love

Once again, just remember these 4 basic steps for eyeshadow application and you'll be good to go!

1. Base - Flat Matt Shades

2. Medium Shade - Glam Shimmer or Flat Matte

3. Eyeline Area - Dazzling Glitter

4. Point (Shimmer/Glitter) - Tears Glitter

Look 1: Pink Aurora Look - Soft shimmery look inspired by pink aurora skies. (Note: There is no 'Point' in this look)

Look 2: Pastel Shade Look - Preciously sweet look inspired by morning dew on fresh tulips. (Note: There is no 'Eyeline' in this look)

Look 3: Soft Layer Look - Charming and romantic sparkling look inspired by delightfully sweet sugar cookies. (Note: There is no 'Eyeline' in this look)


Q1. Is this product suitable for people with sensitive skin?

A1.  The degree of sensitivity can vary for individuals. If your skin is extremely sensitive, kindly refer to the full ingredients list and check with your dermatologist before placing an order.

Q2. Is the product paraben-free?

A1. Yes, the product does not contain any parabens. 


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