Dear Jung (Simulant Diamond Earring & Necklace)



"We believe that everyone deserves some sparkle in their lives and jewelry should be made affordable and guilt-free indulgence for all. Enjoy timeless luxury jewelry pieces for every generation."

Ksisters started out as a fashion brand~ To celebrate our 5th Year Anniversary, it's only right for us to go back to our roots to start our own in-house jewelry line — Dear Jung. With real diamonds, many of us only bear to wear them during special occasions. I've always wanted a timeless piece that's close to the heart, but I can still wear it without worrying about the price tag. In Dear Jung, we want you to enjoy high-quality luxurious simulant diamonds at a much affordable cost!


  • Head: 14K White Gold-Plated 925 Silver
  • Post & Clutch: 14K Yellow Gold (for allergy prevention)
  • 6-prong Round Brilliant Cut
  • 5.75mm, Qmond
  • Total Carat Weight Equivalent: 0.7CT (each side)
  • 1.7g± (1 pair)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% Nickel-free and Lead-free

Qmond stone (highest grade diamond simulant) is verified by South Korean diamond experts and they mention that it is not easily distinguished from real diamonds. 


  • 14K White Gold-Plated 925 Silver
  • 6-prong Round Brilliant Cut
  • 5.75mm, Qmond
  • Total Carat Weight Equivalent: 0.7CT
  • Weight: 1.4g±
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% Nickel-free and Lead-free
  • Total Length: 40-42cm (adjustable length)


Can you spot the difference between Qmond and Diamond in the image below?




4Cs stands for:

  1. Cut
  2. Clarity
  3. Colour
  4. Carat

It is hard to tell the difference between two diamonds with naked eyes, especially for the begginers. Hence, when purchasing a diamond online or offline, the 4Cs are very important for you to choose the right diamond that fits your desires and budget.Qmond's Cut: Excellent - (cut refers to the specific proportion and symmetry of the diamond that achieves optimal light dispersion. Diamonds are masterfully crafted to achieve the precise cut of 'Excellent cut grade')

Qmond's Color: Scale of DEF - (DEF is considered to be pure and has no visible tint of colour so it doesn't have any colour distraction and doesn't block the light penetration and reflection.)

Qmond's Clarity: FL (flawless) - (FL diamonds makes up less than 1% of the diamonds in the whole world. It is the highest clarity grade of diamond as it is inclusion and blemish-free even under 10x magnification.)

Qmond's Carat: 58 facet round brilliant cut, 0.7ct - Luxurious brand uses the same cut for their diamonds too! (Carat is the actual weight and size of the diamond and also a major factor that affects the cost of it. 0.7ct is the perfect sizing that doesn't look too overpowering but the perfect sizing for your daily wearing!)


In the jewelry market, there are many kinds of diamond simulants such as Signity, Simulant, Moissanite and Qmond.

The Dear Jung collection features Qmond diamonds, which has been extensively  researched. It is the No.1 Simulant Diamond in South Korea! The Qmond diamonds used the exact same cut as other luxurious brand diamonds and come directly from Qmond HQ so you can ensure that all Qmond diamonds are authentic👍🏻

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. It is a colorless, synthetic gemstone that can also be found in a variety of different colours. The vast majority of CZ is man-made. The reason why diamonds are beautiful is that they have excellent brilliance, dispersion (fire effect), and scintillation. While researching on how to maximize these points, Qmond Cut is then created by paying attention to the different properties of the two materials!

While most of the existing Cubic Zirconia products are cut based on the ideal cut of diamonds, the Qmond Cut uses an excellent cutting technology that maximizes the advantages of Cubic Zirconia gemstones and reproduces the highest grade simulant diamond! Excellent in cut and color, Qmond has overcome the 2% deficiency of the limit that Cubic Zicornia's in the market cannot overcome with a gold standard of 58 facets!


Hearts and Arrows diamonds are a level higher than round brilliant cut diamonds, less than 1% of the diamonds in the world have this precision-cut as it requires special high quality cutting wheels and Qmond diamond uses this exact high precision-cut technology! Because of their exact angles and symmetry, they show a hearts-and-arrows pattern when viewed through a special tool. Arrows are visible from the top view of the diamond, and hearts are visible when the diamond is face-down.  Facets must be in alignment in 3 dimensions in order for a diamond to exhibit a distinct Hearts & Arrow pattern.

Even among heart and arrow diamonds, there are higher and lower quality cuts because not all will have perfect symmetry.

Beware of similar products:


Each pair of Dear Jung Simulated Diamond Earrings & Necklace comes with a Qmond Certificate.


Qmond (Cubic Zirconia) is made of the highest grade diamond simulant. Safe to wear to shower, made with 14K White Gold (Earring) & Yellow Gold (Earring Back). Hypoallergenic and 100% nickel-free and lead-free.


1. This product is custom-made, so it is not subject to exchange or refund due to the customer's change of mind after placing an order. Please place an order after sincere consideration.

2. The product is handmade, so there can be subtle differences in each product. Exchange or refund is strictly not allowed.

3. Please take note that Qmond has a hardness of 8.5 hence it is durable and can withstand any scratches. It is also difficult to break unless a strong external force is applied. Scratches may be visible after a long period of wearing but it doesn't get cloudy over time.

4. Qmond is hypoallergenic and 100% nickel-free and lead-free. Please do not buy this product if you are allergic to it.

5. Each pair of earrings and necklace comes in a jewelry box with Dear Jung ribbon! 

6. 1 Pair of Earrings & Necklace set comes in a special gifting packaging.

7. The Qmond diamonds are retrieved through the plastic pouch, it is normal to receive the certificate with a half-cut pouch.

8. Upon receiving the items, our warehouse team will do a QC check on each piece. Thereafter we will proceed to send it out once we ensure that there's no defects. There will be a 1 week time frame for you to ensure the items does not have any defects after receiving it. If there's any defects, please ensure that you inform us immediately and within the 1 week time frame so we can send back the piece on our end (without any extra costs on your end.) 

9. After the 1 week time frame, if the following incidents happen, you're allowed for an exchange and repair at your own cost (repair + delivery fee).

A) Diamond falls off

B) Crushed

C) Diamond missing

D) Scratches

E) Cracks


1. You can wear it to shower.

2. If you're not wearing it, kindly store it back in the jewellery box, avoid heat and keep away from sunlight.

3. As each piece is delicate, be gentle and careful with it. Avoid strong pulling/tugging of the chain.

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