Eine Baum Washing Machine Deep Cleaner

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  • 1 box - 2 Pouches (1 Pouch - 300g each)


Eine Baum Deep Clean is formulated with safe ingredients and cleansing power that is easy to use for both top load and drum washing machines!  It effectively eradicates detergent remains, water stains, germs and bacteria in washing machine which can cause odour and contamination on laundry.

Sodium Percarbonate, Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED), Tea-tree Oil, Cinnamon Oil

1 Box/2 Packet (300g each)

Expiry Date: 14 June 2025
[3 years from manufacturing date (refer to individual packet)]

1. Tea tree oil
Antifungal effect to eliminate ticks, fungi and outstanding sterilization effect

2. Cinnamon leaf oil
Removes tick-borne pathogens that can cause tick-borne pathogens and gives sterilization effect to kill germs

Q1. Can I use it in cold water?
- Using warm water is advised for the product's sterilization effect is more strongly activated in warm water. If your washer is only available with cold water, you can set water volume to low and add hot water.

Q2. What should I do if dirt clusters and other remains are left in the tub?
- Use toilet paper or a rag to wipe large clusters and run one more rinse session to get rid of the remaining dirt of stains.

Q3. I don't see dirty water drained, did the cleaning go well?
- Cleaning effect can vary based on washer's status.

Q4. I think the volume of cleaner for one use seems too much.
- EINE BAUM WASHING MACHINE DEEP CLEANER is formulated with optimal ratio of ingredients by using Sodium Percarbonate as main ingredient without any surfactants. You can experience maximum cleaning effect by following
standard instruction for use suggested along with types of washer and level of contamination. And Sodium Percarbonate, the main ingredient, is a natural detergent and leaves no trace even if overused.

Q5. Can Eine Baum washing machine cleaner be used for top load too?
- Yes, can be used for any types of washing machines.

Q6. What washing machine setting should I use if Cleaning Mode is not available for my machine?
- You may choose standard wash course, and it is recommended to also choose the highest water temperature setting.



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