Erica Punching Dress Blue


So glad to see 18SS collection is releasing these days. Check out this dress, which is also recently released. I love this blue colour so much! eyelet details usually comes in white colour, so when I saw it, I instantly fell in love!

It has cute ribbon at the back too! Meet the latest Kfashion with Jungmin!

Check out pink version : Link

PREORDER NOW! It will be closed in 24 hours.

Made in Korea/ Curated by Jungmin with love for her two daughters.


SIZE Chart

Model is wearing size 7. She is 104 cm tall and 17 kg.

Size Age Height Weight
5 2-3YO ~98cm ~14kg
3~4YO ~107cm ~17kg
4~5YO ~118cm ~21kg
11 5~6YO ~124cm ~24kg
13 6~7YO ~128cm ~27kg


Size Dress Chest Width Dress Length
5 29cm 50cm
31cm 54cm
33cm 58cm
11 35cm 62cm
13 37cm 66cm


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