Floral Skirt White


When I traveled Korea during last July, this skirt was really standing out! I was like OMG! To get this skirt, now I requested to make fabric itself to the brand, because even its fabric is completely sold-out in Korea now. (so it will take 1 week longer than other items!)

From the moment I saw it, I kept thinking about it. All these beautiful floral print and very special flower shape punching detail really maximize the feminine touch of this skirt. Surprisingly, fitting itself is very comfortable too (almost same with our bestseller 3 layered skirt green/blue), so if you like those skirts, you should get this one too! 

I matched our best seller linen blouse as a top. You can still back order here : Link. Since its length is almost crop top length, it is beautifully covering your "don't wanna show" part! I matched with my Anothersole Sienna Lamb Creme color. (Link

As a similar look set for daughter, I prepared cute cotton top and liberty skirt set pink and blue! Please carefully choose the variant color (Yeonsoo is wearing pink) : Link


Size : (one side flat lay)

I am 166 cm tall and 55 kg wearing M size.

M (UK 10) : Waist 35cm Hip 45cm Length 80cm (This skirt has no elastic waist band. But fitting itself is already ok! ) 

S (UK 8) : Waist 33cm Hip 43cm Length 79 cm.

L (UK 12) : Waist 37cm Hip 47cm Length 80cm.

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