Haily Hills Artwork (White Sage no.14)



3- 6 NOV
 9 - 13 JAN
  • Please kindly note that there may be a difference in colour and brightness according to your monitor.
  • Please kindly open and check your painting and inform us if there is any issue within 1 week upon receiving. We will not be held liable after 1 week.


  • Weight: 7kg
  • Available in Canvas ONLY


Korean lifestyle brand, Haily Hills (@hailyhills) is a brand that proposes and sells various interior accessories conceptualised by season based on the work of artist Haily H (@haily.h_). All of Haily Hills' works makes use of natural materials as their motifs.

For example, ‘The Wind’ series (2017), a theme based on the olive tree and wind, ‘The Oasis’ series (2017) on the theme of the desert, ‘The Island’ series (2017) on the theme of waters and palm trees. We hope that art will be friendly and easy to share with the public by sharing works that are always newly introduced by the season, such as ‘Wood’ series (2018) with wood textures and deformations and ‘Sand Beige’ (2019) series with sand and ore colour motif. 

Featuring one of their best-seller designs, White Sage no.14. A work that attempts a metaphorical expression by stacking the colours of white sage, which has been used in rituals for purification and rebirth from ancient times for thousands of years, with a brush, and then hiding the colours with a pale off-white and leaving a shape. no see. Each shape in each series of White Sage is angular and angular, but expresses the time and spirit of nature, which is refined and strengthened as time goes by. 

Canvas (Frameless)
• Artwork: Pigment printing on fabric
• Material: Canvas based structured artwork with wood backbone support
• Size: 112 x 145cm (Thickness: 2.5cm)
• Transparent acrylic on the frame: NO
• Able to assemble (Able to remove artwork from its frame): NO

Canvas based structured artwork with wood backbone support

CARE: As there is a high risk of breakage of acrylic and aluminium (especially at the corners), please kindly do not throw or hit the corners.

Aluminium frames: Wipe the dust off the windshield and the frame
Canvas, Canvas + Wood: If dust accumulates, brush it off with a dust brush. Be careful not to let it get wet.

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