Hayoon Kim Knot Collection Cutlery Set



  • Recommended for: individuals looking for a unique touch for their table setting.
  • Weight: 157g
  • Hayoon Kim Knot Collection Cutlery Set includes
    • One Knot Spoon
    • One Knot Fork
    • One Knot Knife


A renowned ceramic artist based in South Korea, Hayoon Kim (@hayoonhayoon) has been running her ceramic studio, 'Another Ceramic' since 2006. Her tableware works propose a new lifestyle that helps to bridge the gap between art and daily life with its beautiful yet quirk designs.

Her cutlery collection first started with inspiration from a small flea market in London. Her works, which comprise ordinary tableware such as teapots, cups, or plates reflects her great imagination, where she reorganised and recombined several elements together.

What makes Hayoon Kim Knot Collection Cutlery Set so unique is the artist's idea to make the handles of cutlery in the shape of the Korean traditional knot.

  • Spoon - Gwidorae (Earred Connected) Knot
  • Fork - Dorae (Double Connected) Knot
  • Knife - Yeonbong (Lotus Bud) Knot

Height: 5.5"

Material: Porcelain
Dishwasher safe but hand wash is recommended.

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