Kamome Kitchen Kids Cutlery Set (4 colours)

  • 1 Set consists of 1 Spoon, 1 Fork, and 1 pair of chopsticks.

*Please kindly note that the cutlery set does not include the cutlery case or box packaging shown in the pictures. There may be a difference in colour and brightness according to your monitor.

*The shape of the product may vary depending on the time of warehousing, so please take note before purchasing.

1 million sets sold in Korea so far!

10 sensible colours of Kamome Kids Cutlery Set were made by Kamome Kitchen. After making several samples with 1,867 colour chips, the uncommon colours were selected to provide uniqueness.

Among them, the four most popular colours were selected to make the kid’s line — Indy Pink, Cream Yellow, Silver Blue, Mint. Each set includes a fork, a dinner spoon and a pair of chopsticks, all dishwasher-safe for your littles ones. It is a line made with the best 4 colours among the existing 10 colours that are consistently loved, selected by Kamome Kitchen.

This up and coming vintage mood tableware brand, Kamome Kitchen is a sister brand of Cocorobox, which aims to make a ‘Vintage & Unique Table’ that keeps its own uniqueness even after time passes. These items capture emotions while keeping to the basics of tableware just like ‘a warm & cozy kitchen in the movie’.

Check out the number of cutleries we purchased to choose the BEST for our #ksistersfam!

Since the cutlery set includes a fork, it is useful not only for eating meals but also for snacks such as bread and fruits. The handle part is luxurious with soft matte finish, and it is made of polycarbonate material, so your little ones can use it without worrying about environmental concerns.

Kamome Kitchen Kids Cutlery Set (4 colours) is made with Kamome Kitchen's unique colour and Korean technology, which satisfies both practicality and design, and continues to be loved. To complete a more sensuous and colourful table, you can use the cutlery set in combination of several colours.

If you are you having some concerns before purchasing, fret out! You don't have to worry with Colour Mood Cutlery Set! Check out these factors as they were the reason why we chose this brand (other than its beautiful colours)!

  • Made with Korean technology
  • NO Worries about environmental concerns
  • Unique sense of colour by Kamome Kitchen
  • Dishwasher friendly!
  • Safely manufactured in Korea
  • 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Non-toxic binding method
  • Secured bindability between stainless steel and handle
  • Great gift for families with little ones for holidays, housewarming parties, celebrations

How are the Kids Cutlery different from the Colour Mood Cutlery line?

Just like the Colour Mood line, Kamome Kitchen Kids Cutlery Set have also been perfected through rounds of sampling and testing. The team kept the essence of the cutlery and design factor in mind while researching on the compatible material, design as well as production packaging. 

  1. The difference between the Colour Mood Cutlery and the Kamome Kids Cutlery is the handle design shape.
  2. While the Colour Mood Cutlery has a matte stainless steel finish, the Kamome Kids Cutlery has a glossy stainless steel finish. However, the material of both handles remain the same.

  • Suitable size and shape to put soup, rice, etc. in the mouth
  • 18/10 stainless steel made in Korea
  • Handle made with high strength PC steel that allows no discolouration, decolorisation peeling and breakage
  • The chopsticks are made with a vacuum method, hence it is lighter than normal chopsticks, making your wrist less tired when holding
  • Patented non-glue, non-toxic bonding method between stainless steel and handle
  • Easy-to-use thickness and roundness that provide a comfortable grip for your hand
  • Top 4 popular modern and soft colours that go well with any menu or table setting

POINT 1: Are you worried about the colour peeling off?!

Don’t worry! The colours of the Colour Mood Cutlery Set won’t come off!

They are not your usual colour coating! Manufactured with dye mixture during the production process allows you to use it for a long period of time while colours are fully in tact.

POINT 2: Can I wash it with a dishwasher or sterilise with hot water?

YES, YOU CAN! With its high strength, high heat resistance, and excellent low temperature properties, it can be sterilised with hot water (within a minute) or washed with a dishwasher without worrying about discolouration, breakage or deformation!

POINT 3: Were you worried that strong spices would stain or change the colour?

DON’T WORRY! It is made with a high strength PC steel that is resistant to discolouration and bleaching so please feel free to eat your favourite food like curry and kimchi.

POINT 4: Do the stainless steel and handle joints come out or does dirt get stuck between of them?

POINT 5: Reliable 18/10 Stainless steel Made in Korea

    To complete the table, add our cutlery stand and tablet mats.

      Check out how they look in real life too! 

      Product Information

      Origin: South Korea
      Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel, Handle: Polycarbonate

      Size: Spoon: 17 cm, Fork: 17 cm, Chopsticks: 19 cm, Total: g
      Available Colours: Indy Pink, Cream Yellow, Silver Blue, Mint
      *Please kindly note that there may be difference on 1-2cm on the measurements due to manual measurement.

      Kamome Kitchen Kids Cutlery Set (4 colours) is sent for ultrasonic cleaning to remove abrasives, but other materials may still remain in the manufacturing process, so you can make it cleaner through the following ways.

      Please kindly note that due to the above ultrasonic cleaning process, there may be possibilities of minor scratches or stains.

      • Wipe with a kitchen towel with oil, for example, cooking oil
      • Remove the grease with a dry kitchen towel
      • Wipe with baking soda on a moist, soft cloth
      • Wipe the surface of the product evenly and finish with a dish soap

      Handling Information

      1. Remove the moisture with a soft fabric cloth after washing
      2. Dent or scratches can be made due to friction between products or sharp products
      3. When cleaning with hot water, you can place it in boiling water within 1.5 minutes.
      4. You can use a dishwasher, but it may shorten the period of use due to friction between products.

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