Kimi-Sanggung Seasoned Seaweed (1 Box of 5 Flavours)


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We are extremely thankful to our #ksistersfam who have been supporting our newly launched Korean food products! We always ensure to bring in high quality products, which is why after much internal discussions and taste tests with #teamksisters, we have decided to bring in a well-loved staple in Korean cuisine, seaweed! The team at Ksisters tried various trending and popular Korean seaweed brands and we have finally chosen this~

Known as Kimi-Sanggung Seasoned Seaweed, 1 box comes with 5 different flavours (Pollack Roe, Cheese, Curry, Wasabi and Shrimp) to suit various tastebuds! It can be eaten on its own as a daytime snack or paired with rice and other side dishes too~ The best part? It comes with an uber cute packaging that's great as a gift for your friends and family, and is low in calories with 1 serving clocking in at 24kcal! 

What else we love: The playful take on the brand name. Kimi is seaweed in Korean while Kimi-Sanggung is a chief serving lady who would usually explain and sample the King's dishes prior to his meal to ensure it had not been poisoned and was safe to consume. And if you remember watching #Daejanggum on TV, you would know how important their role is and how this was a common practice during the Joseon Dynasty! 

Taking cues from its creative name, the brand aims to produce seaweed products that are of high quality yet delicious to suit its consumers' tastebuds. Bonus: It is manufactured in facilities that have been certified by HACCP so you don't have to worry about its credibility.

Do note that the Kimi-Sanggung Seasoned Seaweed is not halal. Seaweed with flavours are not vegetarian friendly while the cheese flavour is not vegan friendly! 

5 Different Flavours To Choose From!

Ingredients List (Curry):

Laver (Korean)38.1%,Canola oil (foreign product: Australia, Canada, the United States, etc.) 27.9%, curry flavoured granulated-3 14.1%, and premium mix base#CU [Curry1{Curry: U.S. /Australia, sulfur: phosphorus]DOSA)} , pure curry powder2 (curry: Japanese, sulphur: Indian)] , lactose, refined salt (domestic), sodium L-glutamate (sodium flavour enhancer), 5'-ribonucleotide, sodium curry flavouring 12.3% 【Kcarabase #K [Curry: Indian; curry powder (Curry: Japanese; Indian)], Caecensmix#4, sugar, curry granulated (Curry: Japanese, sulphur: Indian), sulphur, sulphur(Indonesian), silicon dioxide, and curry flavoured granules 4.4% (Curry: Japanese, sulfur: Indian), perilla oil, sesame oil.】 Contains beef, wheat, tomatoes, milk, soybeans, shellfish (oyster)

Ingredients List (Pollack Roe):

Laver (Korean)40.2%, Canola oil(foreign products: Australia, Canada, the United States,etc.)29.5%, pollack flavoured Granule 15.6%, 【premium mix base[KN essence mix(Kelp :nearby Sea), refine salt (Made in Korea)], lactose, refined salt (Made in Korea), sodium L-glutamate (flavourite enhancer), pollack seasoning 0.5%(frozen pollack 40.8% : Russian),oleoresin capsicum, oleoresin paprika, pollack granular 6.7% 【premium mix base[KNessence mix(Kelp : nearby Sea), refine salt (Made in Korea)], lactose, refined salt (Made in Korea), sodium L-glutamate (flavourite enhancer), pollack seasoning 0.5% (frozen pollack 40.8%: Russian), oleoresin capsicum, oleoresin paprika】, sugar, perilla oil, sesame oil"Contains soybean, milk, wheat"

Ingredients List (Shrimp):

Laver (Korean)38.1%,Canola oil (foreign product: Australia, Canada, the United States, etc.) 27.9%,Shrimp flavored granule-3 14.1%【Premium Mixing Base#C [Snow seasoning#C(Tashima: Yeongeunsan, Shrimp:Domestic), L-glutamic acid sodium (scent enhancer), shrimp powder (Shrimp: Korean), shrimp powder (Shrimp: Korean), shrimp powder (Shrimp: Korean), lactose, L-glutamic acid flavourite, Sodium flavourite, Sodium flavour metric acid flavour enhancer, Sodium flavour enhancer, etc.12.3% 【Premium Seasoning Base#CR [Shrimp Seasoning#Y2(Shrimp: Domestic), Toasted Onion Powder (Onion:US), Shrimp Exgis Powder S#2 (Shrimp: Domestic), Shrimp powder (Shrimp: Domestic), Shrimp flavored seasoning#C Shrimp (Shrimp: Korean), Shrimp (Snow: Korean)】 "Shrimps, soybeans, milk"

Ingredients List (Cheese):

Laver (Korean)38.1%, Canola oil (foreign product: Australia, Canada, the United States,etc.) 27.9%, cheese flavored granules, 14.1% cheese flavored mixed base#D [butter mixed cheese powder#B (camembert cheese powder: Dutch salt: domestic), skimmed milk powder (milk: domestic), Camembert cheese powder (dutch acid), lactose, and cheese seasoning powder] and 12.3% cheese seasoning base, respectively. 【#D [cheese seasoning#2{U cream: Australian, vegetable oil: Partial sclerotic oil (Singapore)], L- glutamic acid sodium (flavoured enhancer), cheddar cheese flavoured bud (USA), mixed cheese powder#B (body) Dachizu powder:Dutch; cheddar cheese powder (Netherlands); powdered soy sauce; silicon dioxide; 5'-ribonucleotide sodium 】cheese flavored granules 4.4% (Cheese: Netherlands)acid), perilla oil, sesame oil. Contains soybeans, milk, and wheat.

Ingredients List (Wasabi):

Laver(korean)38.1%, Canola oil (foreign product: Australia, Canada, the United States, etc.)27.9%, Wasabi-tasted granule 14.1% 【Premium Mixing Base #Y [Wasabi Seasoning#Y (Wasabi: Chinese), Wasabi Powder (Wasabi: Chinese)], wasabi scent powder, lactose, starch, wasabi powder(wasabi: Chinese), Gardenia coloring, Oleoresin capsicum , Carthamus Yellow】 wasabi flavored seasoning 12.3% 【Premium seasoning Base#Y[wasabi seasoning#Y2(wasabi: Chinese)], Wasabi powder scent2, wasabi flavored powder C#2(wasabi: Chinese), wasabi powder scent(wasabi: Chinese), wasabi powder(wasabi: Chinese),silicon oxide】, wasabi flavouring granules 4.4%(wasabi: Chinese), perilla oil, sesame oil "Contains soybeans, milk, and wheat"

Expiry Date: 4th February 2021

Made in Korea.



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