Kimmi Studio Star Pearl Long Necklace / Star Pearl Earrings


Behind this classy stylish and sophisticated design, Mi Hee, the founder of @ki_mmi_studio, has been a brand accessory designer for 13 years. If someone asked her what her favourite accessory is, her answer will absolutely be “pearl”.

She believes pearls can look good on anyone regardless of age and even if a woman of any skin tone wears it, it has the power to show off grace and beauty by its charm. Pearl is considered the best accessory to make women look more feminine and beautiful. She has re-created pearls to make it timeless, stylish and unique to break the prejudice mindset that pearls make someone look old. She hope to create more great pearl designs to make woman brilliant.

1. Star Pearl Long Necklace

Mihee usually wears Star Pearl Long Necklace for an effortless look. She always keeps it in her car for emergency use.

She has been thinking about designing a long necklace for fans of Kimmi Studio. She wanted to have her signature surlem pearls in it, and make it long to look chic. The star shapes should not be turned over to the other side because it is a long necklace, so Mihee used double-sided star motifs which have its beauty on both sides!

As soon as she saw the sample product, she realised that it was exactly what she had in mind. Many Kimmi Studio fans actually sent her many inquiries when she uploaded a picture of it!

Material: Ocean Pearl with 8mm knots (Star Pearl motifs on one side + Swarovski Cubic on the other) - It's a long lasting necklace, I highly recommend this!

Coating: 16K Gold gloss

Length: 58cm

The knot-making procedure may result in the product being a little twisted at first. The product can be loosened later if the craftsmen do not tighten securely in the knot-making procedure. You may hang it on a hanger for a few days, or just wear it until it gets loosened properly.

You can wear it in a double-loop or triple loop.

Please look at this picture and estimate the length of the necklace, Mihee is 164.7cm tall.

It is really beautiful when Mihee wore it with another necklace that she introduced before!

It's very elegant and pretty even if you style with a shirt. It looks chic with its long size!

This necklace will be the signature of surlem pearls. Mihee believes that you'll love it even more when you receive it!

Concept of Ocean Pearl

Surlem pearls used in ocean pearls are not natural pearls, but these pearls are used by the luxurious jewellery brands (e.g. Chanel, Dior).

Ocean pearls are referred as simulated pearls rather than artificially-made plastic pearls. They are produced with 20-50 times of coating a clamshell with shell powder, so it appears similar to natural pearls and is used for luxury accessories.

Ocean pearls are also classified in different grades. The pearls that Mihee used in Kimmi Studio's products are AAA class pearls, which are classified at the top level. They have the shade of jewels and a cream-like colour.

Although the products are coated with high-quality gold alloy to prevent allergic reactions, Mihee does not recommend this necklace to those with metal allergy because it is not made of 100% pure gold.

Discolouration Check (how to keep customised jewellery)

This product is coated with the high quality gold alloy just like other luxury brands, so it is not subject to easy discolouration. However, the condition can differ to each user’s post-purchase management.

This product should not be exposed to water. If it has been stained with sweat during wear, please wipe it with a dry cloth, keep it in the attached zipper pack, and store in a cool place (it would be better to put silica gel in the zipper pack). If you are intending to apply fragrance to your body, please spray perfume before wearing this product. Please avoid keeping it in the car or any humid places, especially with hot temperature.

The natural change of colour over a long period of time makes this product appear antique and showcases a different charm. Since this product is not made of 100% pure gold, discolouration is natural to some extent.

This product has been coated with anti-allergic coating. Additional clear coating is not recommended.

Please make a purchase only when you agree with the conditions below:

 1. This product is custom-made, so it is not subject to exchange or refund due to customer's change of mind after placing an order. Please place an order after sincere consideration.

2. The product is handmade, so there can be subtle differences in each necklace.

3. Pearls, due to their characteristics, have some scratches and differ in size from one to another. Slight scratches, inconsistent shape & black spots on the pearls are not considered to be a reason for exchange or refund.

4. Customer's allergic reactions to metal will not be considered as a reason for exchange or refund. Please do not buy this product if you are allergic to metal.

2. Star Pearl Earrings

*Due to Kimmi Studio HQ's order requirements, this item is only available for purchase with Star Pearl Long Necklace.

Kimmi Studio's customers in Korea love this design so much! It goes well with daily outfits - both for work & play! This unique pair of earrings will make your face look so pretty.

This charming jewellery will look amazing on everyone! Despite its size, it is not heavy at all. We love how it matches with any look, so go wild styling your OOTDs with this chic pair of earrings!

Material: Ocean Pearl

Plating: Silver needle + allergy-free coating

Size: 3.5cm (from end to end)

This product has been coated with anti-allergic coating. Additional clear coating is not recommended.

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