Kiwi Dress Green


This soft thin cotton dress is really comfortable with its loose fit! Once you wear it you don't wanna take out! So after shooting I wore this dress on my way back. and I like how they treated bottom flare! you can see 4 layers there. It is the fun part of this dress, but I like that they still keep it minimal. If you are looking for comfy basic dress, this is what you wanna get! It has lining inside, so no worry!

Check out black version : Link

As I have been sharing in our social medias, restock and back order haven been very very tough nowadays. It is actually quite natural since entire Korean market is overwhelmed with winter cloth demand. so, please preorder now if you like it. I really can't guarantee restock or backorder mamas. Thanks for your understanding! 

Made in Korea/ Handwash with cold water. don't use dryer. don't use hot water.

Size : Free size (one side flat lay)

Chest 44 cm Waist 44cm Length 111 cm

I am 166 cm tall and 55 kg

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