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Why Do I Need Dryer Sheets When Using a Dryer Machine?

Have you ever experienced these concerns/issues when using the dryer, or toward laundry in general?

  • Fragrance from clothes disappearing despite using a substantial amount of softener to wash your clothes
  • Stiff clothes from the dryer
  • Harmful ingredients since clothes come into direct contact with our skin
  • Static after you remove your clothes from the dryer

With L:MOT's Perfect All In One Dry Sheets, you can solve all your worries at once! #AllKillSheet #PerfumeSheet #SafeDrying #OdourGone

About L:MOT Perfect All In One Dry Sheets

Key Points:

  • 3-in-1 Smart Drying - It is a high concentration dryer sheet that combines fabric softener + static prevention + fragrance care functions all into one!
  • Water-based Liquid Sheet with High Absorption - As a water-based fabric softener, it maintains air permeability and increases fragrance sustainability after drying.
  • No Detection of Fine Plastic - It has safe perfume fragrance that can be trusted with no detection of fine plastic.
  • No Detection of the 15 Harmful Ingredients - Test shows that none of the 15 harmful ingredients such as humidifier disinfectant are detected, so you can use this trusted formula with confidence.

3-in-1 Smart Drying

This dry sheets combines static prevention, soft fabric, and fragrance care. Your laundry will be clean with no static after you dry it with L:MOT's soft fabric essence in the dryer!

Besides, you can also experience a cozy fragrance every day with L:MOT's signature perfume. The Floral Woody Musk is achieved with:

Top notes (Green Flora): 

  • White Rose
  • Pink Pepper

Middle notes (White Floral Bouquet):

  • Violet
  • Neroli
  • Peony

Base notes (Woody Musk):

  • Sandalwood
  • Musk

This clean and soft fragrance comfortably wraps around your body like a warm sunbeam.

Water-based Liquid Sheet That Increases Absorption

A water-based fabric softener essence means it does not leave behind sticky residues and even odours on the fabric.

An oil-forming coating film is not formed, the ventilation of fibres are maintained, and no sticky residue is left. As a result, it shows the increased absorption ability of the fabric due to the water-based fabric softener maintains permeability and longer fragrance sustainability.

MINI LESSON: Let us explain the difference between L:MOT's dry sheets (water-coated) and other dry sheets (wax-coated) in the market:

❌ Wax-coated dry sheets - usually unable to remove strong odours and leaves a sticky residue on your laundry, and made with dubious substances. Frequent usage of such residue leaving sheets may also damage your dryer machine in the long run.

✅ L:MOT water-based liquid sheets - due to its breathability effect, it can absorb strong odours and even sweat easily form your laundry! Best part, it leaves behind NO sticky residue, provides a long-lasting scent, and is made with safe substances perfect for the entire family!

L:MOT's Perfect All In One Dry Sheets has completed a moisture absorption test at the KATRI Washing and Cleaning Technology Research Center.

99% Deodorisation & Antibacterial Power

Through the ammonia gas concentration test and Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli tests, the excellent deodorising (99%) and antibacterial (99%) powers have been verified.

With just one sheet, dampness that remains in the fabric gets removed and the rich fragrance can be experienced for a long time after drying. 

No Detection of Fine Plastic

Don't miss out on safe fragrance + softener for the family. Test results shows no fine plastic detection, so you may enjoy the cozy and clean perfume fragrance of L:MOT.

Furthermore, tests have also shown no traces of 15 harmful substances that are harmful to the human body, such as the humidifier disinfectant components (CMIT/MIT), metals (Cadmium, Lead, Antimony), or volatile organic compounds.

L:MOT's Perfect All In One Dry Sheets completed the skin irritation test and is a mild safe fabric softener that can be used on sensitive skin without concern.

L:MOT Perfect All In One Dry Sheets Are Recommended To Those Who Want:

☑️ To feel soft fabric even after using a dryer

☑️ Clean and cozy fragrance for a long time after drying

☑️ Safe fragrance sheet with no fine plastic detection

☑️ To improve the discomfort of static in dry environments

☑️ To prevent the fabric essence ingredients of the dryer sheet from evaporating

☑️ A product with convenient storage and portability due to individual packaging

Easy and convenient L:MOT Perfect All In One Dry Sheets that are individually packaged!

How To Use

1. Place the clothes that finished washing into the dryer and place the sheet on top of the clothes.

2. Operate the dryer in your desired drying mode. (It can be used for both gas and electric dryer types.

3. Throw away the used sheet into the trash can. Each sheet can only be used ONCE.

3kg or less: 1 Sheet. 3~5kg: 2 Sheets. Over 5kg: More than 2 Sheets.

*You may also add more sheets for richer fragrance.


*Recommended Drying Temperature - Below 100ºC (Standard settings). The fragrance may dissipate from the heat when dried at high temperatures.

*Recommended Drying Time - 1 Hour (Standard mode). Over 1 hour: add 1 sheet. Over 2 hours: add 2 sheets.

Use the dry sheets conveniently as they have been packaged individually, sealing in the fabric softener and fragrance ingredients.

For best results, use together with the L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent.


Substances Used:

Main Substances: Purified Water, Lauramidopropylbetaine (Amphoteric Ion), Methyl Triethanol Ammonium, Methyl Sulfate Dialkyl Ester (Cationic).

Preservative: Sodium Benzoate, Allergen: Alpha-isomethylionone.

Manufacturing Date: 15 July 2020

Expiry Date: 23 September 2023

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