Lavien Perfect V Balance Tea



    Lavien Perfect V Balance contains 100% natural ingredient such as pumpkin, artichoke, bellflower root, beet, corn and pea pod with deep and rich flavour that helps to strengthen your immune system, aid digestion, remove toxins and reduce swollen face in the morning!

    *This product is safe for both pregnant and breastfeeding ladies usage. However, as it is a sensitive period, we would still recommend you to check with your doctor before purchasing

    • For those who have difficulty drink plain water
    • For those who have swollen faces in the morning
    • For those who looking for something light to enjoy instead of coffee (there is no caffeine inside)

    Pumpkin,artichoke, platycodon(Korean), Tangerine skin, quince, Small bean pods, Beet, Corn


    02 Jan 2023

    Q1. How many cups can 1 tea bag brew?
    A1. If you want to drink it strong, you can drink it with 300ml of water. If you want a lighter taste, I recommend you to soak it in 500ml ~ 1L of water.

    Q2. Can i drink while I’m pregnant or lactating?
    A2. It’s always good to be cautious during pregnancy, so I recommend consulting your doctor before consuming. Also, people who are allergic to certain ingredients or specific substances due to personal differences may overreact depending on the raw materials so it is recommended to consume after checking.

    Q3. Is there a recommended amount per day?
    A3. This product is not a medical product, so there is no recommended amount.

    Q4. Does it have any detox effects? Will it cause me to go to the toilet often?
    A4. Old pumpkins and red beet are rich in potassium, which releases sodium, and also contain corn that can help diuretic action, making them a suitable prescription for detoxification.

    Q5. Can I consume together with Gongmi Tea &/Enzyme or Probiotics? If not, how long should I wait?
    A5. Yes, you can consume it together with Gongmi Tea &/Enzyme or Probiotics.

    Q6. Does it help with weight loss/improve complexion?
    A6. No, it doesn’t help in weight loss/improve complexion.

    Q7. Are the ingredients organic?
    A7. No, they are not organic.

    Q8. Is there a recommended timing to drink this product?
    A8. You can drink it any time.

    Q9. Is there caffeine?
    A9. There is no caffeine.

    Q10. How long should I steep the tea?
    A10. 15~20min for cold water, 2~3min for hot water.

    Q11. How does it taste like? Is there any smell?
    A11. It has almost no smell and no taste. It will be similar with very weak black tea or chinese oolong tea. It is also similar with Korean corn silk tea.

    Q12. Can we consume during period?
    A12. You can drink it during period.

    Q13. Can I drink more than 1 tea bag per day?
    A13. Yes.

    Q14. Can I add sugar/fruits/milk to the tea?
    A14. We don’t recommend to add sugar/fruits/milk.

    Q15. Any age group not recommended to consume?
    A15. All age can consume it.

    Q16. Can this be taken with other weight loss supplements?
    A16. Yes, you can.






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