Leenmi Egg Leather Table Tray (17 Colours)


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*Please kindly note that there may be a difference in colour and brightness according to your monitor.

Popularised in South Korea, Home Cafe videos have been a soothing trend since the start of COVID-19. They are practically on every platform you see — YouTube, Facebook and not forgetting, Instagram. You may claim that you haven't seen any of them but let's refresh your memories - Dalgona coffee; have you tried making it last year?

The Korean Home Cafe trend has been so popular and it still is because they show us how staying at home could be aesthetically pleasing, fun yet comforting at the same time! Why head outside for cafe hopping when you can concoct some cafe drinks in the comforts of your homes?

While we aren't talking about food or drinks here, we're sharing how table displays can bring forth wholesome energy and for you to experience that home cafe vibes too!

Today's Korean Home Cafe with Ksisters: We're bringing you the up and coming Korean lifestyle brand, Le'enmi — where sensuous and life products are designed. Just like the meaning behind its brand name Le’enmi, “then beautiful and lovely”, the founder, Pyo Eun-mi hopes that you can make your space beautiful through Le’enmi and share joy with your friends and family over the dining table!

Being influenced by her mother's hobby of reading lifestyle magazines since young, the founder became very much interested in home decorating and interior design as well. This led to her visual design major in university and subsequent (10 years) experience of designing sunglasses as well.

Soon after, she envisioned her own brand with relations to cooking, plating and home parties, which she has a flair for. That was how Le'enmi was created. With an increasing trend and interest in lifestyle products in the market, she created the products based on customers' interests in matching lifestyle goods, furniture and more.

These days, various materials and colours are in vogue, as such she incorporates all these considerations into her designs so that Le'enmi products can help individuals to heal and enjoy lifestyle styling in the comforts of their homes.

Le’enmi is also the first to innovate the dual functioning product of a leather tray and a table mat — a practical leather table mat/tray just for you! The elegant colours and tones of Le’enmi table mat enhance the appearance of the product, making it magical even on your dining table! 

Le'enmi Egg Leather Table Tray is perfect for a round table setting and definitely classy when placed on a wooden table as well! Table setting is now made simple thanks to Le'enmi as the mats are able to display style from its exquisite colours!

If you've been hesitant over table setting for special occasions, start with a table mat! Simply position one on your table and then place your favourite dishware and cutleries on top! Without trying too hard, your table set up will look naturally elevated.

Here are some pointers why we're loving its versatility as well!

  • Perfect display accessory for your table setting, especially during special occasions!⁠
  • Can be used as a leather tray due to its firmness — You can serve your favourite desserts or snacks here during tea time
  • Perfect for your vanity corner where you can place your skincare products,  cosmetics or accessories (which are light in weight) for aesthetic displays too~
  • Double-sided leather mat — You can use 2 different colours in 1, just switch it to either side according to your preference!
    •  Pink ,  Lemon Yellow ,  Apple Green  Mint  Deep Green , Orange,  Light Grey , Lilac ,  Sky Blue ,  Peach ,  Red : Back colour is GREY
    • Ivory,  Cream Beige ,  Latte Beige ,   Green Back colour is NUDE BEIGE
    •  Wine  Navy Back colour is DARK GREY
  • Allows objects to be placed on the table with minimal noise!⁠

Unlike a conventional table mat, this oval shaped tray that looks like an egg is solid and flat, serving its practical usage as a tray even with a dishware on top. However, since its material is leather (not plastic or wood), please handle with caution when carrying the product with any heavy object on top as it may alter the shape of the mat.

Le'enmi Egg Leather Table Tray has also been perfected through rounds of sampling and testing. Through research and multiple testing, the brand further aims to achieve consistent improvement for their products' quality in order to make better products.

Product Information

Origin: South Korea
Material: Composition leather
Size: Width 37cm / Height 27cm / Thickness 4mm

*Please kindly note that there may be a difference in colour and brightness according to your monitor.

Le’enmi leather table mats are all made with identical material. Egg leather tray is also made with the same quality material from the existing Le’enmi table mat product line. The texture of material for the front and back side of the material may feel different to the touch.

Certified by KC (Korea Certification), the material is safe to use and its waterproof function does not allow water from penetrating through the surface. It is easy to use and is resistant to food stains.

Please kindly note that there may be specks of discolouration on the leather. This is a natural phenomenon that can occur during the dye process. Note that this is not considered as a defect, and it is exempt from any exchange or refund.

Handling Information

  1. If leather is soiled, gently wipe with a moist towelette or a soft, damp cloth.
  2. The material is waterproof, however, avoid putting the product under water or in a dishwasher.
  3. Avoid storing the product under direct sunlight or in a damp environment.
  4. If foods that can lead to staining (such as kimchi, curry, and sauces etc.) get on the product, wipe it away immediately to ensure product is in a good condition for an extended period.
  5. The product is durable, however, avoid putting any heavy objects on top, while in motion, to maintain its shape.
  6. The product can be damaged if it is wiped with alcohol or ethanol. It can be wiped with any mild detergent or soap, but it is best to use a damp cloth or a moist towelette.
  7. The mat may bend if dipped on placed in a pile of water.
  8. Moisture can also lead to its shape deformation.

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