Lifs Kitchen Sponge (4 Designs)

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  • Recommended for: anyone who wants a little fun in their daily life
  • Volume: Bread: 1 Box of 4 pieces. YES (White/ Yellow) and Ice-cream: 1 Box of 2 pieces


    Add "fun" to your everyday life!

    Lifs Kitchen Sponge is eco-friendly and from Korea. The sponges are developed by a global material company, aimed to focus on the essence of high quality as well as design. The Signature scrubber includes the 'Bread' and 'Ice Cream', while the Sticky scrubber includes 'Yesthat dries neatly by sticking it on. 

    The sponges are made from urethane foam which removes the worry of germs easily and does not hold oil components during dishwashing! They are soft, light, breathable, flexible and resilient. They are able to be used for a wide range of applications due to their excellent processability.

    Besides the good cleaning friction and elasticity durability these sponges have, Lifs Kitchen Sponge is also generous in size for good grip.


    Sticky scrubber - Yes:

    • Peel off the film on the white side and paste it where you want it to be stored.
      - It does not stick well to paper, cloth or uneven surfaces.
      - If it does not stick well, wash the white side well and paste again.
      - When removing, gently peel it from the edge.

    Bread: 8 x 10.8 x 2.5 cm
    Yes: 8.6 x 16 x 2.5 cm
    Ice Cream: 15.5 x 8.5 cm

    Due to the nature of the polyurethane material, there is a possibility of discoloration over time. It has nothing to do with changes in functionality of the material.

    Do not use bleach or boil.

    Due to the nature of the material, do not store it near fire.

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