Living Crafts Disposable Cooking Pan Sheet



  • Pan Cover for cooking and blocking out oil splash and thick smoke
  • Cook conveniently with the handle that sticks out on one side of the round pan cover.
  • Size: 24.2cm (30 Sheets)
  • Weight: 105g
  • No Shelf Life


    Tired of thick smoke and oil splashing while cooking? Keep your kitchen tidy and oil-free with Living Craft's pan cover! Made with natural pulp from Germany and environmentally-friendly FSC raw materials.

    100% Natural Pulp

    30 Sheets/Box (24.2cm)

    No expiry

    Material: 100% Natural Pulp

    How to use
    1. Remove the pan cover from the case and fold it once more to the opposite side of the folded surface to make it flat.
    2. Fold up the handle of the pan cover.
    3. Place the food to be cooked (fish, meat, etc.) on the frying pan and cover the frying pan.
    4. Turn on the gas stove and start cooking.
    5. You can see that the pan cover absorbs oil mist, fine dust, and harmful substances.

    1. Be careful not to come into direct contact with the fire.
    2. Do not use it in a frying pan that is too hot.
    (The heat-resistant temperature of the pan cover is around 220 degrees Celsius.)
    3. Use it once and throw it away as it is a disposable product.


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