Merken Fenetre Bag (3 Colours)


9 - 12 SEP

18 - 22 OCT

Kindly note that this item is available for Preorder only~ Only canvas strap is available!
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Merken is a South Korean brand that sells luxury leather goods which are not only practical but also fashionable, trendy & popular among the locals!

Merken Fenetre Bag

We've received so much love from our previous Merken Flat Purse launch which was a big hit among the #ksistersfam! There were overwhelming requests for us to bring in other designs from Merken as well~ Yes, WE'VE HEARD YOU!

— which means square window frame in French, has a solid fabric and square ladder pocket to give you a sense of Merken's sensibility. Uniquely designed for practical usage to fit your daily necessities. 

Comes in 3 Colours (camel, neon & pale blue) and 2 sizes (small & medium).



Small Size (Neon & Camel)
: 19cm(H) x 28cm(L) x 10cm(W)⁠⁠
- Able to fit in iPad⁠
Medium Size (Pale Blue & Camel): 26cm(H) x 37cm(L) x 12cm(W)⁠⁠
- Fits textbooks, laptop & A4 size without any folding⁠
Canvas Strap: 90cm(L), 97cm (L) - including metal ring
- Strap width: 5cm⁠
- Bag handle: 13cm⁠
⁠Material: Canvas & Cow leather⁠

*Both small & medium sizes have inner compartment for keys and cards⁠ and comes with a canvas strap!⁠

*Please note that for the inner compartment, only Neon & Pale Blue comes with the Golf Pin Rack compartment!


Personalized Initial Service

Marquage’, a French word, means ‘making a mark’, also refers to painting on designer leather goods which are commonly found in the luxury goods scene~ Did you know that Merken also provides marquage services for their leather goods too?⁠ 👍🏻 😱


This time, we've decided to launch this personalized initial service to our #ksistersfam💖. Limit to a maximum of 2 alphabets only! (Customization charges apply~) During checkout, kindly include the initials in your note!

Spice up your fit with Double Knot Gingham Blouse (with 3 colours to choose from!)


Because of the canvas and cow leathr material, washing is not recommended. You can rub it with a neutral detergent and wipe it off with a towel or using a wet tissue that's alcohol free!

- This item is made to order - any returns & exchanges or a change of mind is strictly not allowed. Please consider carefully before purchasing.
- There may be a difference in colour and brightness according to your monitor. 

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