MZUU BONBON Frame Oval Necklace (Gold/Silver)


2 - 5 JUL

6 - 17 JUL


MZUU is founded by Korean Jewellery Designer, Park Minju (MZUU is named after her!). Another fun fact is that her real sister, Park Siyeon, (Korean celeb) has been its muse for the past 10 years. MZUU presents a wide array of trendy and glamorous accessories.

MZUU represents a collection of pieces that not only reflect the current trends of today, but aims to lead the way in the ever-changing fashion industry.

With a selection of over 2,500 pieces of various designs and concepts, MZUU has been extremely successful in attracting a wide range of consumers including famous celebrities, leaders in the fashion industry, and various top magazines including VOGUE, BAZAAR, ELLE, MARIE CLAIRE, ALLURE, etc.

This necklace comes with a pendant embossed with a three-dimensional, deep oval-shaped frame with a matte finish.

This necklace has a simple and sophisticated design, which makes it good for layering with necklaces of various styles.

The whole manufacturing process involves handcraft, so there is a possibility of tiny bubbles or spots on the product. This is not considered as a defect, thus, it cannot be the reason for exchange/refund.

The size of this product is the average value, which may result in some differences in size (margin of error is 0.5cm).

Please keep this product away from moisture and liquid (e.g. sweat, perfume, hair spray, lotion) because they not only damage the product, but also affect the durability of coating, change the colour of the product, and remove the shine. Additional clear coating is not recommended.

*This product is made of silver and is plated with coatings to prevent allergy, but the effect may vary from person to person. Please consider carefully before placing your order as exchanges/refunds due to allergic reactions will not be accepted.

Material: 925 silver, gold plating, rhodium plating

Size: Length 42cm / Pendant 13mm x 22mm

Weight: 4.2g

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