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  • Lavien Hyalpeptox Micro Patch targets eyebags and wrinkles on forehead and smile lines.
  • Best used during night time.
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Same person Same eye! Check out iPhone autogenerated date at the top part of the photo! Eye care product launch has been always my top priority because many customers have encountered eye related issues like dark circles, fine lines, and eye bags with their ageing. Many ladies came to us and asked our recommendation. 

But I didn’t want to rush. Since many of our customers have been showing us amazing support during last year, we wanted to make sure we meet your expectation. So from November 2018, I have tested many popular eye products with team Ksisters, and we found these 3 products suited us the best - Premium Wrinkle Kit (eyeroller with hydrocolloid patch), Panda Eye Essence Mask (Vitamin C), and Hyaluronic Acid Micro Patch. After 3 months tests, I flew to Korea to meet 3 different HQs for each product in Feb 2019 (you can see my Feb Seoul trip in IG account).

So that is why it took so long to launch our eye products, even though you have seen my testing IG stories from November 2018, you can sense how much effort we put in this initiative.

Even though they are great, I have to say that it is not like surgical treatment such as botox and filler that you see the result the next day (and even those clinical treatment only lasts 3-6 months, not forever either!). But if you make sure to invest 5 minutes everyday, you will surely see the progress from eye care products that we have recommended! And most importantly it will be a great help to prevent those issues fro getting worse and stop more severe ageing around your eyes! 

Why should I use eye care products separately? Can I just use my facial skincare products for eyes?

No. The skin around your eye is the thinnest on your face. Around the eyes, sebaceous glands are less developed, so it is usually drier than other parts of the face. If you use normal skin moisturiser which is designed for thicker skin layer, it might be too stressful for your delicate skin around eyes. Too rich and heavy products can stimulate more milium and wrinkles around your eyes too. (One of main reasons I dropped many great eye products from Korea. Again rich texture products doesn't suit SG weather) So many experts actually recommend for you to use specialised eye products. 

When should I start to use eye products? Isn’t it for after 40 or 50, once I get very visible wrinkles?

No. Like suncream, in Korea you start to use eyecare products from early 20’s so that you can prevent or slow down all eye related problems. Start early, then everything gets easier!

Hyalpeptox Micro Patch 

Its nickname is "needle patch" in Korea, thanks to its very famous needles which contain Hyaluronic Acid, Peptide Solution, Collagen, Madecassoside and Trehalose, which is very popular among Korean Instagrammers. With patented technology, Lavien made the needles quadrangular pyramid shaped. Imagine many of these quadrangular pyramids being injected and penetrated into deeper tissue. Other eye patch products' needles that I have tried are not well designed, so it is very weak. When I tried those, I couldn’t feel the needles well because the needles were too short and they broke on my skin's surface before reaching the debris. This eye patch works wonders, so its price is quite steep. I recommend using it once a week and for special occasions. 1 box has 4 patches, so it is perfect for 1 month's usage.

All products will give you better results with regular usage! For me, I started to see visible results after 1 month and the IG photo comparison is before VS after 3 months.

The Lavien eye patch is a NEW and UPGRADED version Hyalpeptox Micro Patch. The Micro melting chip patch delivers enhanced ingredients to areas of concern such as eyes, smile lines and brow area. The patch contains 800 micro melting chips per patch, which means there are almost 2000 melting chips melting into the skin during one use!

In the upgraded version, 5 key ingredients are condensed in 250 micro meter melting chips. The 5 ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Peptide Solution, Collagen, Madecassoside and Trehalose. Delivering power is also enhanced as each chip is delicately designed in Lavien's trademarked pyramid shape to help enhanced delivery power and ensure good ingredients penetrate effectively into eye areas. 

Also, in this new upgraded packaging, it is thoughtfully designed to have an additional patch for frown lines between the brows.

You can use the Hyalpeptox Micro Patch on these areas: eyebags, dark circles, wrinkles between eyebrows, laugh lines, frown lines and saggy neck line.


Ingredients: Sodium Hyaluronate, Trehalose, Propandiol, Caprylyl Glycol, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Madecassoside, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Expiry: 22 July 2023


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