Ojodepapa Ping Pong Dress



Introducing Ojodepapa!!¬† One of the popular favourite in South Korea~ They carry various cute and trendy designs perfect for twinning! We absolutely love the cute & bohemian vibes of this Ping Pong Dress ūüĆł‚ú®

The Ping Pong Dress features an elegant cut with sweet details such as the all-over mini embroidered daisy flowers and pockets on the chest area finished off with lace trim. How cute is that!

Mama can be twinning this together with your kids!
Whether it is a simple trip to the supermarket or a date night, this dress would be perfect for women of all ages!

One for mama, one for kids too~
Designed for a Mother-Daughter duo, kickstart the day with your little one with this matching dress!


Jungmin is 166cm, 53kg, UK10 (Wearing Woman Free Size)
Yeonsoo & Jooha (122cm & 121cm, Both are wearing Size XXL)NOTE: The picture below is taken with iPhone 12 Pro Max, and there was no manipulation of the pictures (including color adjustment) other than the size adjustments for the picture.

Washing method: Please place the apparel inside a laundry net bag prior to washing and not into washing machine directly.

Ironing / Steaming: You may iron or steam the shirt with your normal heat setting.

Made in Korea.

- There may be a difference in color and brightness according to your monitor. 
- Exchange requests with regard to sizes will be based on inventory availability.

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