Picnic Dress Lime

$25 $32.67

Vonbon is another twinning brand, I recently fell in love(Your beloved Kayla blossom is from this brand). What I like about them is they play within classic design so you can wear timelessly! This picnic dress is also very basic cotton dress! But one thing unique is this diagonal line! Since it is parting your torso, you look slimmer in this dress. Since length is not long, petite size mamas can wear too! (and of course for tall mamas too) My Favourite is this lime color! Very vibrant energy is coming out of it! Get mum size here : Link

Made in Korea/ Brand : Vonbon/ Hand wash recommended.

Size Chart(cm) one side flat lay 

Yeonsoo (4yo/105 cm/ 17kg) wears size M.

Jooha (3yo/ 95cm/ 13kg) wears size S.

cm Chest  Waist Total Length Age
S 30 33.5 53 2-3Y
M 31.5 35 58 3-4Y
L 33 39 64 4-5Y
XL 36 42 67 5-6Y
JS 38 41 72 6-7Y

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