Poby Lace Hood Dress Serenity Blue [Woman/ Girl]


Everything is about details, isn't it? Lebonbon knows what woman want so well! I love that they added this vintage lace flare at the bottom of this hoody dress!

It looks so cute with this sweet color choice. I actually like both pink and serenity blue, so had a difficult time to choose sample for shooting. What is your favourite? When you do twinning with your little one, the cuteness will be doubled! 

Check Pink : Link 

Made in Korea/ Brand : Lebonbon (Ksisters is an exclusive distributor in SG)

Hand wash recommended.

Size Chart(cm) one side flat lay

Woman Free Size : very loose fit ( I am 166cm tall and 55kg!)

Chest: 57cm Length: 109cm

Kids Size

Yeonsoo is wearing size M. (107cm 18kg)

Jooha is wearing size S. (100cm 14kg/ Jooha is very slim and tall)

Bella is wearing L (118cm 19kg, she is slim) 

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