Polka Dot Dress Blue with elastic waist band


Look what I found during my Korea trip in March. When I found this new brand I was surprised. This dress has every element that we should fall in love with! beautiful folded sleeve, elastic waist band, pocket, and cute polka dot print! Everything wanna make me travel right now to some beaches. With this thick elastic waist band especially, this dress creates very nice structure that definitely makes your body look very flattering. Their Blouse and Dress with this band is their very famous steadyseller in every season! Don't miss this gorgeous piece! even team Ksisters are eyeing on this dress nad blue blouse + linen pants! I can confidently recommend you after 1 whole day trying for Yeonsoo's school birthday party.

Size Chart(cm) One Side Flat Lay

Woman Free Size:  (I am 166cm tall and 55 kg) 

Chest 49cm Waist 36 cm Length 94cm

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