Ballerina Tutu Skirt (Ivory)


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Do you dream of being a ballerina at one point of your life? Do you wish to be that poise, elegant, flexible swan lake dancer on stage? Ballerina has such poise and elegance, that will make you marvel and admire with twinkle eyes.

And so these very same characteristics goes the same to ballerina tutu skirt! 

Our ballerina tutu skirt was a love at first sight for me!! I couldn't deny how much I was marvelled at, when I visited this brand's booth in March! It definitely stood out among numerous items!

Lined with polyester lining, its subtle gold trimming brought out elegance in this A-line tulle ivory skirt, with little dots that made it girly. Has a taste of exquisite feel to it! and I love it has elastic band at t

Easy to match with any simple top, goes well with heels or even sneakers (depending on the style you are after). Just the perfect skirt to watch a ballet concert! 

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Made in Korea/ Hand wash recommended.

Size Chart(cm) one side flat lay

Woman Free Size (Side Zipper Opening, Elastic waistband at the back) 

Waist: 30.5cm - 43 (max stretch) Hip: 60cm Length: 85cm  


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