Kimmi Studio Gold Layering Necklace Set / Pearl Choker


Introducing another brand's accessories that is hot, lasting trend and all-time favourite in Korea now! If you have been watching my Seoul trip, you would have seen this gold layered necklace that I have started wearing recently.

Behind this classy stylish and sophisticated design, Mi Hee, the founder of @ki_mmi_studio has been a brand accessory designer for 13 years. If someone asked her what her favourite accessory is, her answer will absolutely be “pearl”.

She believe pearls can be matched to anyone regardless of age and even if a woman of any skin tone wears it, it has the power to show off grace and beauty by its charm. Pearl is considered the best accessory to make women look more feminine and beautiful. She has re-created pearls to make it timeless, stylish and unique to break the prejudice mindset that pearls make someone look old. She hope to create more great pearls design to that make woman brilliant. 

Gold Layering Necklace Set (4 pcs set)

  • All necklaces are treated in hypoallergenic coating.
  • Cicada Pendant Necklace (14K Gold Plating)
  • Baroque Pearl Necklace  (18K Gold Plating)
  • Coin Pendant Necklace (16K Gold Plating)
  • Chain Necklace (24K Gold Plating)

This #FlutteringGoldLayering is worn as a set, to give off a charismatic vibe. Presenting woman with with style, class, strength and modernism. Suitable to match it for casual to holiday outfits. Each necklace can be worn on its own or recommended as a set. Founder Mi Hee paid extra attention to every small detail, such as mixing the coin pendant necklace with a bit of black to give a more vintage look to the yellowish-gold that anyone would like!

1st necklace:

The Cicada Pendant Necklace is a very interesting piece. Instead of the regular closure, founder Mi Hee attached a freshwater pearl to give it a unique point. This necklace is pretty even when worn on its own. 

2nd necklace: 

The Baroque Pearl Necklace has an 18K gold coating. I adore this necklace so much! It’s simple yet very elegant, and gives off a charismatic look. The pearl is of top grade quality.

What is Baroque Pearl?

Derived from the Portuguese word “barraco”, it’s an uneven shaped pearl. The regular pearls are related to purity, while the baroque pearl is related with wealth and desire, which is why it is more expensive. Baroque pearls are formed when small particles stick to the inside of the shell, creating an attractive and unique irregular shape.

Note: There’s no identical baroque pearls, every pearl is naturally unique!

3rd necklace:

The Coin Pendant Necklace is coated with 16K gold. This piece stands out even on its own! The gold chain has been designed with pearls for a more interesting texture and look. For those who do not wish to show the pearls, you can wear it as just a chain by hiding the pearls at the back. You can adjust the length according to you preferences.

Signature Kimmi logo is at the back of the coin pendant.

4th necklace:

Simple Chain Necklace in drawn cable design gives this necklace a whole new element. Chain Necklace can be worn on its own for simple day outfits or give a layer with one of Kimmi's necklace according to your style on that day. 


Cicada Pendant Necklace: 22.5cm

Baroque Pearl Necklace: 25.5cm

Coin Pendant Necklace: 29.5cm + 11cm length adjustment

Chain Necklace: 20cm


Gold Plated: Monotonic Material

14K, 18K, 24K Gold Plate + Allergy prevention coating

Even though there is an allergy prevention coating, we would not recommend this to those allergic to real gold

Care Instruction:

Colour Change: This product will not change colour easily due to the high quality gold plating. This also depends on how you store this product. Please avoid contact with water and store in the bag that comes with it. If you sweat, simply wipe with a cloth (Founder Mi Hee has been using it for a year and the colour remains the same).

Pearl Choker (sold separately)

This simple Pearl Choker is a great piece for summer! This is an additional choker (sold separately) recommended to layer with Gold Layering Necklace Set or pretty to be worn on its own. Pearl Choker looks extremely elegant for casual to formal setting. It provides a clean and effortless look. 

Pearl Choker is made of rice shaped freshwater pearl that gives it elegance and beauty.


Rice shaped freshwater pearl 2-3 Ivory (What Mihee and Jungmin are wearing is the right size. What lookbook model wearing is bigger size! 

Gold Coating - 14K Gold


When unlocked, pearls are 32cm

Adjustable chain (5cm)

For those who are uncomfortable with the choker style, you can increase the length!

Founder Mi Hee's neck size is 31cm.

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