Lavien Skin Rejuvenator Device

$499.70 $526
26 AUG, 10AM - 12PM
27 SEP to 8 OCT

  • Recommended for those who are looking for:
    • Skin elasticity care
    • Skin purification, pore care
    • Brightening, glow enhancement
    • Skin texture improvement


The synergy of the two functions-LED and galvanic

  • manages the outside and inside of the skin thoroughly.

3 LED modes-Red, Blue, IR-and 4 levels of galvanic ion intensity

    • selected and used according to the skin condition. 

    • RD mode(Red) : Helping Skin elasticity, care for inflammation, care for freckles and blemish
      UV mode(blue): Trouble and Pore care, Skin sterilization
      IR mode(Pink) : Helping skin rejuvenation

    Designed as a rechargeable handheld type

    • Has a good grip and can be easily used regardless of place and time. 


        How to use:


        Q. My eyes hurt because of the bright LED light. 

        A. LED light certified to IEC62471 (photochromic stability) international standard is applied so that it can be used comfortably even on the skin around the eyes. If you feel uncomfortable, close your eyes as much as possible when using the device around your eyes.

        Q. How do I adjust the iontophoresis level?

        A. After selecting the management mode, touch MICRO CURRENT to adjust the iontophoresis level. The iontophoresis level is adjusted in steps of 0-1-3-5-3-1-0. 

        Q. I want to turn on/off the voice.

        A. After turning on the power, touch and hold MICRO CURRENT and the following status will be displayed. ON - Voice mode ON / OFF - Voice mode OFF. At this time, by briefly touching the MICRO CURRENT button, the voice can be turned on or off. The selected voice mode is saved even after it is turned off and applied when turned on again. 

        Q. Touch does not work when selecting mode and iontophoresis level.

        A. Please check whether there is oil or cosmetics left on your hands or on the surface of the device. If there is, wipe it off then touch it again. Touch does not work when the device is connected to the charging adapter, so please use it after disconnecting. 

        Q. I feel a stinging sensation when using it. Can I continue to use it?

        A. There are individual differences depending on the skin condition and environment when used. Areas with skin troubles, etc. may feel stinging due to the iontophoresis current. We recommend that you use it after applying enough cosmetics to the area that you want to take care of. 

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