Pink Tulle Bonnet Kids


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If you have been following Ksisters, you would have seen I have been introducing different hanboks in different seasons for the past years. For various reasons, I love traditional costumes and I couldn't resist seeing nice modern hanbok coming in variety prints. Another reason is I really enjoy seeing how our traditional costumes have take many forms and evolve into something we are wear daily. 

For our pink princesses, I have prepare a sweet floral tulle one piece hanbok for you! Love the intricate print that bring the sweetness of our little girls don't you think? Suitable for daily occassions, weddings and dress up parties! 

 * Bonnet is not included, if you want to style together, please cart out separately!

Made in Korea. Handwash recommended by Jungmin Lee. Curated by Jungmin for SG friends.

Size Chart(cm) One Side Flat Lay


Kids size: 

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