Shim Sa Young White Memories Pasta Bowl


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28 APR - 8 MAY 27 JUN - 1 JULY


  • Recommended for: Individuals looking for a decorative addition to enhance your table setting
  • Available in one size only
  • Shim Sa Young plates are lead and cadmium free.


Ceramic artist, Shim Sa-young created the White Memories Collection (Created in year 2015) that contains the traces of time and memory by applying more than 50 to 60 layers of clay slurry and 'human touch'; pushed and piled up. Created as a multi-purpose flat plate that shows off the matter side of the earth.

Each unique matiere is expressed by painting the soil with a brush and over-painting it dozens of times. The texture coordinated with the subtle colour makes no matter what the dish is, looks great.

Artist words: The products of human handiwork have long pursued the beauty of mankind while fulfilling human desire for creation. Objects condensed with the repetition and labor of human delicate touches, physical actions and time are like a medium that connects modern people who live breathlessly to a priori nature.

In this respect, my work can be said to be a journey between ‘me’ and the ‘material’, where I enjoy the properties of soil with the senses of my hands and find the beauty of crafts through repetitive and conscious traces. My work, which contains traces of handwork without going against the physical properties of the natural material, aims to convey the value and beauty of handiwork by connecting the artist, the material, and the use of the object.

      HOW TO USE

      • Use the Pasta bowl to serve up salads, pasta or soups.

      27 x 5 cm, 0.64kg

      • Material: Porcelain,
      • Finishing: Gloss finish
      • Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe. NOT Oven safe.
      • Washing instructions: Please kindly take note that normal scrub sponge can be used for washing these dinnerware while metal scrub sponge (stainless steel sponge) is NOT recommended.
      • There has not been cases of food staining but we would recommend to wash the plates immediately upon finishing to avoid staining.
      • As everyone's usage of the plates may vary, we are unable to advise on signs of wear and tear over time.

      Note: Please note that the following phenomenon is a natural phenomenon that occurs during the porcelain production process and is not subject to exchange or refund.
      • Fine protrusions during the porcelain production process
      • A small air hole in the soil when baking pottery in a kiln
      • Black spots caused by iron contained in the glaze and clay
      • Flow marks or clumping marks on the surface of porcelain that are created during hand glazing
      • Subtle variation in colour, size and gloss that naturally occur from handcrafting

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