W.SEN Petit Fiore Pop Earrings (8 Colours)


If you are an avid Seoul fashion lover, you should own at least 1 piece of jewellery from this brand! W.SEN Founder @wsen_jinhee has been known as one of the best jewellery designers and stylers in Korea ❤️ and her initial necklace was one of her best product in the 2018 Collection!

Introducing W.SEN Petit Fiore Pop Earrings in 7 pastel colours and Gold Pearl colour

A W.SEN Signature item that doesn't require much introduction. Unlike the existing products, a subtle gold pearl has been added together with the solid colour. Quality up !!! Colour up !!! Let us follow the founder as she introduces the new colours of Petit Fiore Pop Earrings!

Petit Fiore Pop Earrings are created with the infinite affection of the existing Fiore Pop Earrings. Its cute size is definitely something not to be missed! Small but definitely an impactful product to sport!

We’ve loving its sophisticated yet bold look! We’re highly recommending this collection to

  • Fiore Pop Collectors,
  • Avid lovers of flowers,
  • Individuals who wish to express themselves through the use of vibrant colours and even
  • Those who want to be beautiful and elegant or basically
  • anyone who agrees with any of the above! 

During the preparation of new product launches, the most important aspect W.SEN Founder Jinhee always takes note of is their weight and comfort when wearing them. It’s such a pity if the products are pretty visually but cause discomfort for anyone! That’s something she wants to avoid at all costThe products are ensured that they are consistently lightweight, moderate-sized and comfortable so that you can wear them as many times as you prefer.

Jinhee also shared that she had spent a lot of time because she wanted to make products that are of the highest possible level of satisfaction for the wearer. Furthermore, they would look visually appealing not just for the individuals but others as well as being the perfect products for you to snap your instagram worthy photos!

Sample work has been carried out several times to ensure the right size and shape suitable for your faces. A total of eight lovely colours, Ecru Cream, Pale Peach, Red Dahlia, Lavender Forest, Royal Blue, Deep Lake Green, Muted Lime and Gold Pearl for you to choose from! Loving all colours? Purchase multiple colours and wear them in different colours on each side, this helps to create a different look each time! 


Note: Earrings are sold in a pair.

Exchange and Refund: In order to protect the personal hygiene of all our customers, no exchange is allowed for this product.

Ecru CreamPale PeachRed Dahlia Lavender Forest Royal Blue Deeplake Green Muted LimeGold Pearl

Petit Fiore Pop Earrings (Pastel Colours)
 Brass, Colouring, Swarovski Crystal, Titanium Needle
Size: Fiore - Approximately 25 x 25mm, Stone - 6mm

Gold Pearl Colour
 Brass, Gold-Plated Swarovski Pearl
Size: Fiore - Approximately 25 x 25mm, Pearl - 8mm


Please feel its original style & texture with the rough finishing. It is a preorder product and takes about 15 working days to make upon order confirmation.

Please keep in mind that it is made in a handcraft workshop and features a rough finish but it is not considered as a defective or faulty item. Since the product is made-to-order, cancellation/change of colours/refunds/exchanges are strictly not allowed. Please kindly consider carefully before placing an order.


Refund/exchange due to bubbles, fine scratches, gemstone texture, colour, tone, &/or size is strictly not allowed.

The material of the products are stated above. Refund/exchange due to allergies is strictly not allowed.

W.SEN jewellery may be discoloured by water, sweat & perfume, so be sure to store it carefully. Please wipe them with a dry cloth and place them in the plastic bag sent with them for careful storage.

Please avoid wearing the jewellery when bathing, swimming or sleeping. Please avoid using silver detergent or glossy cloth for gold-plated products.

All the products are exclusively designed & manufactured. Refund/exchange due to change of mind is strictly not allowed. Please consider carefully before placing an order.

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