Hinok Space Spray Set/ Empty Bottle

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  • Recommended for: Spraying on your precious space to always keep it clean and comfortable.
  • Effects: To help remove harmful bacteria and bad smells in daily life.
  • Hinok Space Spray Set consists of 1 Empty Bottle (530ml) and 1 Refill (900ml).
  • Hinok Space Spray Refill is 900ml.


99.9% effective disinfectant made from Jeju cypress water, grain-fermented ethanol, PEG-free surfactants extracted from plants to remove harmful bacteria and bad smells in daily life.


Spray to strongly sterilise and deodorise spaces and objects. 

  1. New house
  2. Air disinfection
  3. Children's toys
  4. Automobiles
  5. Toilets
  6. Kitchens
  7. Electronic devices 

Ethanol (57%), Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water (37.2%), Purified Water (3.1%), 1,2-Hexanediol (1.15%), Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate (0.9%), Chamaecyparis Obtusa Oil (0.5%), Citric Acid (0.1%)

Refill: 900ml

3 Apr 2024
2 years from the date of manufacture
*Please kindly use within 1 year after opening.

1) Do not use for any other purposes.
2) Do not expose to direct sunlight, heat or fire.
3) Do not spray directly on face or food.
4) Be careful as the spray liquid may get into your eyes if you use it in a place higher than your eyes.
5) If the contents come in contact with your eyes, wash them with clean water and consult a doctor if there are any abnormalities.
6) Keep out of reach of infants, toddlers and children.
7) Be careful not to drop and leave it unattended as liquid may spill out.
8) When using in a place where there is a risk of discolouration or water discolouration, check the presence of discolouration or discolouration in an inconspicuous area before use.

- The remaining amount after use may be misused, so please keep it in the original container.
- If the contents are eaten or swallowed, immediately spit them out, then rinse your mouth and consult a doctor.
- If medical treatment is required, show the product container or label information.
- If skin irritation or red spots appear, seek medical attention.

1. How should it be stored?
Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Be sure to keep it out of reach of children.

2. How long can 1 bottle last?
The Space Spray empty bottle is able to fill up 450ml of liquid, the refill provided is 900ml. The area applied on and the frequency of use may be different among individuals so the the total duration for each individual's usage may vary.

3. How long can the scent last if I were to use it everyday?
The area applied on and the frequency of use may be different among individuals so the the lasting effects may vary.

4. How many times should I spray?
There is no fixed number for spraying, you can spray it everyday or whenever you would like to do so.

5. Does the Space Spray help to disinfect as it contains ethanol?
Space Spray removes 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria as it contains ethanol — Strong sterilisation of harmful bacteria and removal of odour-causing ingredients. Please kindly refer to 2. 99.9% sterilisation of 10 common household bacteria for more information.

6. Are there any materials to avoid spraying?
Please avoid spraying Space Spray on any objects made of wood, especially MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard), and metal. As the product contains 57% of ethanol, it may cause discolouration due to chemical reaction.

There was no discolouration found when The Spray was sprayed on clothes made of leather. However, we recommend spraying on the inside to do a check first. On the other hand, Space Spray should not be sprayed on leather as it contains ethanol and it can cause discolouration due to chemical reactions.

7. Do you have a rough description of the scent?
Space Spray has a stronger scent as ethanol strengthens the diffusing power of the scent. Its scent also lasts a bit longer than The Spray but as it is a deodorising purified water, instead of room spray or any kind of home fragrance, the scent fades away after a few minutes. Please note that it really depends on how many times you spray it.

8. Are Hinok Sprays food grade disinfectant?
Unfortunately, Hinok Sprays have not been certified as food grade disinfectants. However, both products have gone through many tests to verify the safety.

The Spray, which is a natural deodorant made of 100% cypress water, has been tested for hypoallergenic with an accredited external organisation and has been verified as non-skin-irritating. Additionally, the product is free from 25 allergens.

Space Spray: A 99.9% Effective Disinfectant Made from Jeju Cypress Water and Fermented-Grain Ethanol has also been verified as non-skin-irritating and non-detected of 14 types of hazardous substances.




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