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About L:MOT Home Care Kit

The L:MOT Home Care Kit contains:

  • L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent (Tub: 50 capsules)
  • L:MOT Perfect All In One Dry Sheets (40 pieces)
  • L:MOT Safe Dish Soap (400ml)

Chores should be the last of your concerns with these 3 easy and effective household products! From your laundry to dishes, use L:MOT's safe living items. Enjoy all in one washing, drying, and cleaning care in one specially curated home care kit.

L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent

Why do I need L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent?

Do your wrists hurt from carrying heavy bottles of laundry detergent? Does your sensitive skin get irritated after wearing clothes washed with a certain brand's detergent? Or are you always unsure of how much detergent to use whenever you do your laundry (and end up using too much or too little)?

If you're any of the above, we're sure that L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent is going to be your new favourite household product!

About L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent

L:MOT Perfect All In One Capsule Detergent is a 3-in-1 product (detergent + softener + fragrance) packaged individually for more convenient washing. It contains 7 types of enzymes for a stronger & upgraded wash, and is dermatologist tested. Feel the special fragrance after washing with L:MOT's soft signature scent!

Key Points:

  • 3 in 1 easy laundry (detergent + softener + fragrance)
  • 7 types of power enzymes
  • Allergen-free, no artificial additives & microbeads
  • No 10 harmful ingredients

1 capsule, 3 functions! L:MOT capsule detergent is a 6x highly concentrated all in one product that cleans & softens your laundry, and makes them smell so good too!

The L:MOT capsule detergent gives your clothes a light floral scent.


Did we mention that the capsule is 100% soluble and melts in water? It does not leave a residue after washing your laundry and the capsules are manufactured with a high quality special processing method that can withstand 20kg of pressure.

L:MOT capsule detergent contains 7 types of strong enzymes to help remove stains and protect fabric from lint formation!

  • Protease: Removes oil stains around the collar and stains around the wrist cuff
  • Amylase: Removes sauce & chocolate stains
  • Lipase: Removes stains soiled by oil & butter
  • Pectinase: Removes stains from fruits & fruit juice
  • Mannase: Removes oil & grease stains
  • Cellulase (1): Brightening
  • Cellulase (2): Prevents formation of lint

Check out Jungmin's wash test on a white linen dress stained with chilli sauce, sweet & sour sauce, and soya sauce!

Jungmin also did wash test on Jooha's seat covers! Watch how L:MOT capsule detergent brought back the seat covers' original baby pink colour!

L:MOT detergent capsule is allergen-free! It does not contain 26 allergens, microbeads & artificial additives. You'll be able to smell L:MOT's unique warm & clean scent after doing your laundry.

L:MOT capsule detergent is recommended for those who...

  • Are too lazy to measure the correct amount of detergent to use
  • Have weak wrists and often carries heavy detergents to the detergent dispenser
  • Have experienced discomfort having detergent smeared all over their hands
  • Do not have extra storage space for detergents & fabric softeners due to their large sizes
  • Worry about detergents containing harmful substances that will irritate the skin
  • Are busy and want a simple & easy laundry routine

How To Use

We recommend at least 2kg (ideally 6kg!) of laundry load for 1 capsule.

If your laundry load is less than 6kg, we recommend you to increase the water volume, or do a second rinse after washing with L:MOT capsule detergent.

If your laundry load is more than 6kg, kindly use 2 capsules.

Since L:MOT capsule detergent does not contain artificial colour pigments, the colour of capsules may darken and change from light yellow to orange over time. It is perfectly normal and you can use it without worries!


Q6. Can I use this product on activewear?

L:MOT capsule detergent is an alkalescent detergent. HQ recommends that usual yoga stretch or outdoors clothes would better not be washed with alkalescent detergents. In order to protect your activewear, washing them with a neutral detergent or detergent for wool thread would be better.

L:MOT Perfect All In One Dry Sheets


Why Do I Need Dryer Sheets When Using a Dryer Machine?

Have you ever experienced these concerns/issues when using the dryer, or toward laundry in general?

  • Fragrance from clothes disappearing despite using a substantial amount of softener to wash your clothes
  • Stiff clothes from the dryer
  • Harmful ingredients since clothes come into direct contact with our skin
  • Static after you remove your clothes from the dryer

With L:MOT's Perfect All In One Dry Sheets, you can solve all your worries at once! #AllKillSheet #PerfumeSheet #SafeDrying #OdourGone

About L:MOT Perfect All In One Dry Sheets

Key Points:

  • 3-in-1 Smart Drying - It is a high concentration dryer sheet that combines fabric softener + static prevention + fragrance care functions all into one!
  • Water-based Liquid Sheet with High Absorption - As a water-based fabric softener, it maintains air permeability and increases fragrance sustainability after drying.
  • No Detection of Fine Plastic - It has safe perfume fragrance that can be trusted with no detection of fine plastic.
  • No Detection of the 15 Harmful Ingredients - Test shows that none of the 15 harmful ingredients such as humidifier disinfectant are detected, so you can use this trusted formula with confidence.

3-in-1 Smart Drying

This dry sheets combines static prevention, soft fabric, and fragrance care. Your laundry will be clean with no static after you dry it with L:MOT's soft fabric essence in the dryer!

Besides, you can also experience a cozy fragrance every day with L:MOT's signature perfume. The Floral Woody Musk is achieved with:

Top notes (Green Flora): 

  • White Rose
  • Pink Pepper

Middle notes (White Floral Bouquet):

  • Violet
  • Neroli
  • Peony

Base notes (Woody Musk):

  • Sandalwood
  • Musk

This clean and soft fragrance comfortably wraps around your body like a warm sunbeam.

Water-based Liquid Sheet That Increases Absorption

A water-based fabric softener essence means it does not leave behind sticky residues and even odours on the fabric.

An oil-forming coating film is not formed, the ventilation of fibres are maintained, and no sticky residue is left. As a result, it shows the increased absorption ability of the fabric due to the water-based fabric softener maintains permeability and longer fragrance sustainability.

MINI LESSON: Let us explain the difference between L:MOT's dry sheets (water-coated) and other dry sheets (wax-coated) in the market:

❌ Wax-coated dry sheets - usually unable to remove strong odours and leaves a sticky residue on your laundry, and made with dubious substances. Frequent usage of such residue leaving sheets may also damage your dryer machine in the long run.

✅ L:MOT water-based liquid sheets - due to its breathability effect, it can absorb strong odours and even sweat easily form your laundry! Best part, it leaves behind NO sticky residue, provides a long-lasting scent, and is made with safe substances perfect for the entire family!

L:MOT's Perfect All In One Dry Sheets has completed a moisture absorption test at the KATRI Washing and Cleaning Technology Research Center.

99% Deodorisation & Antibacterial Power

Through the ammonia gas concentration test and Staphylococcus aureus and E.coli tests, the excellent deodorising (99%) and antibacterial (99%) powers have been verified.

With just one sheet, dampness that remains in the fabric gets removed and the rich fragrance can be experienced for a long time after drying. 

No Detection of Fine Plastic

Don't miss out on safe fragrance + softener for the family. Test results shows no fine plastic detection, so you may enjoy the cozy and clean perfume fragrance of L:MOT.

Furthermore, tests have also shown no traces of 15 harmful substances that are harmful to the human body, such as the humidifier disinfectant components (CMIT/MIT), metals (Cadmium, Lead, Antimony), or volatile organic compounds.

L:MOT's Perfect All In One Dry Sheets completed the skin irritation test and is a mild safe fabric softener that can be used on sensitive skin without concern.

L:MOT Perfect All In One Dry Sheets Are Recommended To Those Who Want:

☑️ To feel soft fabric even after using a dryer

☑️ Clean and cozy fragrance for a long time after drying

☑️ Safe fragrance sheet with no fine plastic detection

☑️ To improve the discomfort of static in dry environments

☑️ To prevent the fabric essence ingredients of the dryer sheet from evaporating

☑️ A product with convenient storage and portability due to individual packaging

Easy and convenient L:MOT Perfect All In One Dry Sheets that are individually packaged!

How To Use

1. Place the clothes that finished washing into the dryer and place the sheet on top of the clothes.

2. Operate the dryer in your desired drying mode. (It can be used for both gas and electric dryer types.

3. Throw away the used sheet into the trash can. Each sheet can only be used ONCE.

3kg or less: 1 Sheet. 3~5kg: 2 Sheets. Over 5kg: More than 2 Sheets.

*You may also add more sheets for richer fragrance.


*Recommended Drying Temperature - Below 100ºC (Standard settings). The fragrance may dissipate from the heat when dried at high temperatures.

*Recommended Drying Time - 1 Hour (Standard mode). Over 1 hour: add 1 sheet. Over 2 hours: add 2 sheets.

Use the dry sheets conveniently as they have been packaged individually, sealing in the fabric softener and fragrance ingredients.


L:MOT Safe Dish Soap

L:MOT Safe Dish Soap is best used for:

  • Stubborn stains
  • Safely washing baby bottles
  • Safely washing fruits & vegetables

Why Do I Need L:MOT Safe Dish Soap?

If you have had enough of washing your dishes inconveniently, it's time to use L:MOT Safe 1st Class Dishwashing Detergent!

L:MOT Safe Dish Soap is best used for:

  • Stubborn stains (Water/Oil stains, Ground-in dirt)
  • Safely washing baby bottles
  • Safely washing fruits and vegetables (Proven to remove bacteria such as S.Aureus and E.Coli)
  • Convenient washing of dangerous kitchen items with sharp components
  • Hard to reach places in bottles, tumblers, narrow containers, etc.

About L:MOT Safe Dish Soap

L:MOT Safe Dish Soap is a highly concentrated premium dish soap made with 100% plant-derived surfactant that lathers into a rich bubble foam. It has a powerful cleansing power that has been approved by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety (MFDS) for safe cleaning of your dishes and even produce. 

Easily clean out narrow gaps like your tumbler and tumbler caps throughly with L:MOT Safe Dish Soap bubble foam shot being dispensed from the spray nozzle, to reach every corner.

Even for dangerous objects such as the mixer blade and slicer can be easily cleaned using L:MOT Safe Dish Soap.

If you noticed that grime and stains are accumulating on your air fryer and gas range hood filter, it's also time to remove these stubborn ground-in dirt, oil and water stains with L:MOT Safe Dish Soap!

Key Points:

  • Powerful Cleaning - Even for ground-in oil stains, with the simple application of 'bubble foam shot'
  • Abundant Foam - Makes dishes cleaner with abundant and highly concentrated dense foam

All-in-one with zero convenience, bubble foam shot! Compared to usual liquid type dishwashing detergent that is cumbersome to dispense via the pump, the L:MOT Safe Dish Soap can be easily used with the bubble foam spray, which enables convenient, non-cumbersome use.

This all-in-one 1st Class dishwashing detergent is safe for your entire family, as it has been approved by the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety. It also has multiple functions.

The L:MOT Safe Dish Soap has competed the 1st Class detergent test, making it safe to use to clean your baby's feeding bottles as well as cooking utensils, fruits and dishes.

Wash your vegetables and fruits safely as L:MOT Safe Dish Soap removes invisible foreign matters thoroughly and completely.

Completed Outstanding Safety Verification

L:MOT Safe Dish Soap has completed deodorisation, anti-bacterial and biodegradability tests. Its Deodorisation (Ammonia) and Anti-Bacterial (S.Aureus and E.Coli) capabilities were verified through tests at the official certification institution - KATRI (Korea Apparel Testing Research Institute).

Biodegradability - 99%

Removal of S.Aureus - 99.9%

Removal of E.Coli - 99.9%

Removal of Ammonia - 99.9%

The various tests saw a significant reduction in bacterial numbers.

You may use the L:MOT Safe Dish Soap without worry as it contains only safe naturally-derived materials and no harmful ingredients!

It has completed non-detection tests for 18 types of harmful substances at the FITI Testing and Research Institute.

The vegetable-based moisturising ingredients mean that you may safely wash your dishes with bare hands without irritation, without the need for stuffy and inconvenient rubber gloves.

It has been tested for skin irritation in a skin safety test and successfully completed it at KATI - Washing and Cleansing Technology Research Center.

The L:MOT Safe Dish Soap Is Recommended For The Following People

☑️ Those who want to wash baby bottles, vegetables, fruits and dishes all at once

☑️ Those looking for a dishwashing detergent with beneficial ingredients and powerful cleansing capabilities

☑️ Those looking for an economic dishwashing detergent with sufficient cleansing power even with a small amount

☑️ Those concerned about the ecosystem as well as the health of their family

☑️ Those who prefer to wash dishes with bare hands without the use of stuffy rubber gloves

☑️ Those who face difficulties when washing dishes and would like a more convenient way of doing the dishes

How To Use

  1. Rotate the section marked with 'ON' at the spray outlet to align with the centre of the triangle.
  2. Spray 1~2 times onto the dishes and scrub before rinsing in flowing water.
  3. Turn the spray outlet to 'OFF' for storage after use.
  4. For stubborn stains, spray and leave on for 5~10 minutes before scrubbing.


*A safety cap was applied to prevent leakage of the liquid. Remove the safety cap before use and mount the spray for use.

*Do not immerse vegetables and fruits for more than 5 minutes.


Substances Used:

Capsule Detergent:

  • Main Substance: Dodecyl Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Ether (non-ionic)
  • Surfactant: Polyethylene Propylene Glycol (non-ionic), Sodium Lauryl Ethersulfate (anionic), Octadecanoic Acid (anionic), Dodecanoic Acid (anionic).

Dry Sheets:

  • Main Substances: Purified Water, Lauramidopropylbetaine (Amphoteric Ion), Methyl Triethanol Ammonium, Methyl Sulfate Dialkyl Ester (Cationic).
  • Preservative: Sodium Benzoate, Allergen: Alpha-isomethylionone.

Dish Soap:

  • Main Substances: Purified Water, Alkyl Polyglucoside, Lauramidopropyl Betaine, Potacocoate, Glycerin, Ethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Apple Fragrance.

Manufacturing Dates:

Capsule Detergent: 24 April 2020

Dry Sheets: 15 July 2020

Dish Soap: 7 September 2020

Expiry Dates:

Capsule Detergent: 24 April 2022

Dry Sheets: 15 July 2023

Dish Soap: 6 September 2023

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