La Pitta H2 Hydrogen Aqua Peeling Machine

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How to Use

Before use, charge for 2 hours on POWER OFF mode. NEVER CHARGE while device is switched on.

How to CORRECTLY Move the Device on Face & Precautions

  • Always start from low power setting
  • For beginners, use your device while looking at the mirror to ensure you’re not holding the device on same area for more than 3seconds
  • ALWAYS constantly move the device around. Do not hold device on one spot only. Always use tap and glide motion
  • Avoid gliding repeatedly on the same area for more than 10 seconds.
  • For beginners, use tap and glide motion (glide about 2-3cm). Once you’re familiar with the device, you may glide max 5cm across face.
  • For beginners, you can use daily 3-5 minutes and slowly increase to 10mins (use 3-4x weekly). Do not use for more than 10mins!
  • Redness during usage is normal due to suction power, and will subside after 10-20mins.
  • Water you can use: tap water, mineral water, distilled water
  • Do not use H2 function if you are using toner, or using with PLASTIC suction head for blackhead removal. Use H2 function only with any of the silicone head tips.
  • Do not tilt device forward or turn upside down while using machine to prevent water spillage
  • If you have a naturally flushed face, consult doctor before using this machine.

Cleaning device after each use is required! Please refer to video below on how to clean device



  • Please request the exchange during warranty period. Warranty period starts from date of purchase and lasts for 1 year.
  • Please share with us images/ videos of the defects for us to process your warranty request
  • Warranty is not covered for the following:
    • In the case of malfunction due to customer’s negligence
    • In the case of arbitrarily disassembling the product


Q: Is this suitable for pregnant ladies to use? Yes.

Why La Pitta?

When I was researching other K-Beauty products,I chanced upon Lapitta and saw this Hydrogen Aqua Machine. I wondered why this product is popular because it looks like many other peeling machines in the market. I realised it was because they use Hydrogen water while many similar market products use bubbling effect from normal H20 water. I’ve heard of many health and skin benefits of Hydrogen water but wasn’t too clear so I decided to research more on this premium water that many people are crazy about.

Why Do Many Refer Hydrogen Water as “Miracle Water”?

Doesn't all water already contain Hydrogen right? Normal water only has eight-millionth of a mg of H2. So there is not much H2 beneficial value at this very low concentration level.
However, Hydrogen water has much higher concentration of H2 than regular water, and this change can give 6 AMAZING benefits to your skin:Excessive oxidative stress is ultimately what weakens living cells and tissues, producing the effects of aging. Because H2 molecules decrease oxidative damage from the sun, it diminishes the impact of aging. This results in skin that’s capable of holding more moisture thus causing less wrinkles on your skin!

Quite eye-opening right? After researching I found out many professional facial salons use a similar hydra-dermabrasion machine! And Lapitta Hydrogen Aqua Peeling Machine is a similar homecare version for convenient use. 

La Pitta H2 Hydrogen Aqua Peeling Machine

This device changes regular water into Hydrogen water via electrolysis, and helps to:
1. Cleanse pores by removing excess sebum, dirt and impurities without harshness like typical physical methods of exfoliation
2. Supply moisture into clean pores
3. Allows pores to absorb nutrients benefits from H2 water.

What is Demodex Worms?

These are commonly known as face mites! They are tucked inside the pores, and while we're asleep, they crawl out onto the skin's surface to mate and then head back to lay their eggs. As they feed on sebum and seek refuge in oil glands, an inflammatory reaction occurs — then, acne. Since they live inside your pores, you can't scrub them off by washing!

It is important to create an environment that prevents these tiny crawlies from thriving. So using a cleansing tool like La Pitta H2 Hydrogen Machine enables deeper sebum removal that face mites love so much! 

How Does Tap Water Change into Hydrogen Water?

Tap Water changes to Hydrogen Water through electrolysis

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