Lavien Perfect Tart Cherry Balance

6 - 9 JAN

10 - 21 JAN


Please kindly note that Lavien Perfect Tart Cherry Balance is not available for Pre-order once it is sold out.
  • Recommended for those who are looking for:
    • Vitality in their daily life
    • Busy with work
    • A delicious and nutritious snack that can be eaten easily in a busy daily life
    • Improvements in melatonin levels
  • 20g x 14 Sticks - Tart Cherry; Plant-based melatonin derived from nature!

Tart cherries from Turkey (home of cherries)

  • 100% Turkish tart cherries are used 

33.2 tart cherries are concentrated in each stick

  • Tart cherries, that are too precious to eat as raw fruit, can be enjoyed as jelly.

No water added! Tart Cherry Concentrate 90.53% (Final process standard)

  • Water is not added. It is packed with tart cherry concentrate.

Contains Collagen Peptide (Fish Collagen Peptide)
  • Enjoy tart cherry and collagen together with one jelly!

Each stick is about 50kal

  • It's low in calories, so you can eat it without worry. 

It is chewy, sweet, and sour!

  • It is chewy and does not stick in the mouth. With a sweet and sour taste that everyone can enjoy, it does not leave your mouth feeling stuffy after eating.


Key Ingredients:

Tips & How to consume:

  • Tear along the perforated line and enjoy as a snack
  • Best served cold or consume with yoghurt or milk


Q1. What is the expiration date?

A1. 1 year and 6 months in unopened condition.

Q2. Can I eat it frozen?

A2. Yes, you can. If you want to eat it cold, we recommend eating it frozen or refrigerated. 

Q3. Can children and pregnant women eat it?

A3. Yes, because it’s general food. Please check for allergies before eating. 

Q4. How many sticks can I eat per day?

A4. The recommended intake is 1 stick per day, and as it is a general food, it is okay to eat more.  

Q5: Is it suitable to consume any time of the day?

A5: Yes, you can.

Q6: To be consumed how many hours before sleep?

A6: You can take it after having dinner and any time of the day, not necessarily to be taken before sleep.

Q7: Will the collagen ingredient in the Tart Cherry helps with hair, skin, nails?

A7: Yes, the collagen peptide helps with hair, skin, nails and improves energy and sleep cycle.

Ingredients List

Tart Cherry Concentrate (Turkey) 90.53%, Fish Collagen Peptide [Fish Scale (Vietnam)] 7.5%, Mixed formulations (xanthan Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Agar Powder), Hyaluronic Acid, Elastin Hydrolysis, Enzymatically Modified Stevia

Expiry Date: 25 April 2023 

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