MUJAGI STUDIO Flower 06 Mini Bowl (Gloss)

  • Recommended for: Individuals looking for a decorative addition to enhance your table setting
  • W13cm x H13cm x D6cm, 171g
  • Available in Gloss ONLY


ceramic brand, MUJAGI STUDIO (mujagi_official) by Shin Boegun (boegun_m) who has  won various awards and held various art collaborations in Korea — producing objects with the artist’s heart and soul. Therefore, these objects are able to convey warmth and affection to your everyday life.

MUJAGI Studio aims to awaken the sensibility value that people feel when using attachment objects, moving away from mass-produced products, and creating objects that make people find the happiness that is easily neglected in everyday life. May our lives be filled with things we love.

Connected by the usual bowl shape along with an octagon shaped base, MUJAGI STUDIO Flower 06 Mini Bowl is a trumpet-shaped air-bowl that can be used for pulling soups or main dishes. If you would like to add a unique touch to your dining table for your usual dining experience or during special occasions, this mini bowl is the perfect choice.


    • Gloss: It has its slightly bluish finish from coat. Great for daily usage.
    *Jungmin’s tips: Due to its luxe vibe, I actually use Matte finish more often (even for daily usage) even with metal cutlery quite often. Just be careful with food like rice (which requires lots of scooping motions)! I use Gloss Flower Mini Bowl for my rice!

    W13cm x H13cm x D6cm, 171g

    Material: Porcelain (Gloss finish only)
    Note: All MUJAGI STUDIO items are lead and cadmium free.
    Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe.
    Washing instructions: Please kindly take note that normal scrub sponge can be used for washing these dinnerware while metal scrub sponge (stainless steel sponge) is NOT recommended.

    There may be slight differences in colour and gloss for each product, due to handmade production and the process of baking pottery in a kiln.

    NOTE: The following phenomena may occur during the pottery process and the reasons below are not applicable for exchanges or refunds.
    1) Microscopic bumps created during the manufacturing process
    2) Air holes generated during the kiln process
    3) Black spots caused by iron in the kiln or glaze
    4) Flow marks or clumping that occurs during glazing process
    5) Difference between colour tone and subtle gradient

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