W.SEN Double Face Necklace




There are 2 colour selection options for gemstones, and it is a special but delicate work that requires the selection of the front & back side.

Since the jewellery is made of metal, there are many colour limitations. However, there are so many coloured stones that show beautiful colours such as gemstones & synthetic stones.

Double Face Necklace shows the harmony of FW2019 gemstones. It contains 2 gemstone colours in 1 necklace.

The most attractive part is that you can match a variety of beautifully coloured stones with beautiful light & texture.

The inherent colour & texture of the gemstones you see with your eyes are very beautiful, that's why it's been loved since ancient times. You can choose the colour of the gemstones and see the history of each to make a selection that suits you.

Material: Silver, Gold Plating, Onyx, Tiger Eye, Jasper, Turquoise (Synthetic)

Size: Pendant 24 mm*15.5 mm, Chain 450 mm + 50 mm (extra chain)

2 gemstones are placed on each side of the pendant, and this necklace can be made as 2 different necklaces.

Both the front & back are meticulously made to the smallest detail.

Choose 2 colours from 6 gemstone colours!

All gemstones have different colours & patterns.

Jasper is an attractive gemstone that can show a variety of colours & textures, such as red, yellow, green, blue & purple, or find striped patterns in mixed colours. It is known as a stone that promotes energy, strengthens the mind & body, and brings peace.

Onyx, the birthstone for August, comes from the Latin word for nails and between stripes. There is a story that while Venus is sleeping, Cupid's mistake got a nail falling on the arrowhead and buried in the ground. The ancient Egyptians believed that Onyx helped reconciliation and resolve disputes between lovers. It symbolizes patience. It is a gem that finds & demonstrates hidden abilities inside and prevents bad luck that protects you from evil spirits. It is a gem that has the power to release twisted relationships and advance in good direction. It harmonizes the yin & yang energy in the human body, and it is good to use it as a grounding stone for healing or meditation.

Tiger Eye is named for resembling a tiger's eye and has red, blue & gold colours. It is called "good luck stone" & "business prosperity stone", and is said to have good influence on interpersonal troubles because it can seize good opportunities and block risks. If you have any important work/goals or if you start a new work, you will always receive good energy. The distinctive stripes are shimmering. Please check out the luxurious colours.

PINK - Jasper

BLACK - Onyx

BLUE - Turquoise (Synthetic)

DOT - Jasper

KHAKI - Jasper 

BROWN - Tiger Eye

As each item is handmade after placing order, no order cancellation is allowed after order is placed. And due to hygiene purpose, no exchange is allowed for this product.

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