Squid Game Dalgona Making Set



  • Recommended to: those who are interested in the Korean culture!
  • 1 Dalgona Making Set contains 1 square resting board, 1 Chisel, 1 Presser, 1 Donggukja ladle and 5 cute shape moulds — You'll just need sugar and baking soda and off you go to make your own Dalgona honeycomb toffee!


In case you didn't know: this Dalgona game is traditionally known as Ppopgi (뽑기), a popular "picking" game in the 1960s and 1970s in Korea. The kids will get these traditional candies from the street vendors and take up the challenge with their friends not to break the central shape.

This trending Dalgona honeycomb toffee is a Korean childhood street snack made from sugar and baking soda over the fire. Korean street vendors will prepare it using the signature ladle with a deep depth to hold the sugar and baking soda. Once both are melted, they will be poured into another tray and pressed into a round cookie with a cute shape in the middle — the ones in Squid Game were the most traditional shapes, circle, triangle, star and umbrella.

If you’ve been chasing the viral Netflix series, Squid Game, you'll understand the bittersweet story behind this toffee (Don't worry no spoilers here if you have yet to catch the series)~ Because carving out shapes from this toffee candy can actually cost you your life if you fail to do so!

If you're up for a greater challenge, try our Squid Game Dalgona Making Set, which is available in 5 cute yet challenging shapes — airplane, car, dinosaur, crown and poopoo! Try making dalgona honeycomb toffee with these shape moulds and don't forget to tag us @ksisters.sg!


  • Dalgona Honeycomb Toffee
    • Tips before starting: Spread some sugar on the resting board.   This helps prevent the honeycomb toffee to stick on the board later!
    • Add 4-5 teaspoons of sugar to the ladle.
    • Stir it quickly (but consistently) using wooden chopsticks over the fire. (The sugar will burn if failed to do so)
    • After the sugar is completely dissolved, add in baking soda 2-3 times with wooden chopsticks and stir quickly.
    • Sprinkle sufficient sugar on the resting board and pour dalgona to shape!
  • Dalgona Coffee
    • Place ice in a cup.
    • Add milk to 3/4 cup full (Add based on personal preference).
    • Add in the dalgona pieces.
    • Add in coffee from the top (expresso or Americano).
    • Wait for it / Stir to mix and it’s ready!
  • Please refrain from using the Donggukja ladle or any of the tool over highlight, induction or microwave oven as the product is designed to be used directly on fire.

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