Stitcheese Kids Disco Bags & Twinkle Pencil Case Collection


Introducing Stitcheese

" Because our children are the most precious!
The most special items in the world that can only be found at
Stitches will brighten up your child's steps with confidence."

I was introduced as upcoming mompreneur in Run by Mums program hosted by Facebook Business Korea and Stitcheese was same batch with me. That is how I got to know this brand actually! And when I saw Stitcheese collection I was instantly swept by their unique designs for kids and I know my girls will definitely love their designs. Indeed when I bought it for them they loved it so much so I decided to bring it on Ksisters too! Stitcheese is also featured and carried by many K-celeb kids because their designs are so unique and well-loved by everyone!


Introducing the self-luminous ultimate Disco Backpack that contains 200% of Stitcheese's unique design sensibility. The luxurious and lovely colour combination, sophisticated design and ultra-lightweight material make this a perfect bag for kids and mom to hold books and more!

Model is 7 years old, 117cm tall.

  • Mesh pocket for water bottles on both sides of backpack.
  • Compartment divider inside backpack for easy separate storage.
  • A detachable chest buckle makes it more stable for carrying.
  • Fits textbooks, workbooks and A4 files perfectly without any folding.


Features 18 inches and boasts a huge storage capacity, and the handle can be easily pulled and used by children and adults thanks to the 3 Step Height Adjustment! It is a practical and cost-effective bag that can be used as a travel bag, in-flight suitcase and for carrying books too!

Model is 7 years old, 117cm tall.

  • Huge storage capacity.
  • The handle can be easily pulled and used by both children & adults thanks to the 3 step height adjustment.
  • A practical, cost-effective bag that can be used as a travel bag too!
  • Detachable chest buckle makes it more stable for carrying~


Disco Sling Bag comes with a cute glitter look while freeing both hands when going to the gym, running errands, walking & travelling. Suitable for both young children and adults!

Model is 10 years old, 147cm tall.

  • Adjustable strap length that can be worn comfortably and generously from young children to adults.
  • Inner compartments are made of waterproof material and boast a good storage capacity for a 500ml bottle of water.


The bag that people always asks about when you're out! A multifunctional bag that can be used as a diaper bag, lunch bag, picnic bag!

Model is 7 years old, 117cm tall.

  • Adjustable strap length, from young children to adults, perfect for carrying around with a sling strap or as a handbag~
  • A practical cold storage bag that can fit a 500ml bottle of water and a 2-tiered lunch box.


Fresh and luxurious design and different colour combinations on both sides, pick the side you want to show according to your mood! Lined with polyester material inside, making it dirt-resistant and easy to care for.

Model is 7 years old, 117cm tall.

  • Can be used as an auxiliary bag, an indoor shoe bag, or as a school bag too!


    The Stitcheese Twinkle series has been a big hit since its first release in 2019, creating a new trend of transparent sequin bags and twinkle naming! Introducing the Double Twinkle Pencil Case, which is twice as shiny and glamorous with pearl fabric filled with sparkling sequins.

    • Can be used as a pencil case for kids as well as storage bag for adults for your daily essentials!
    • Able to fit mask pouch, iPhone.

    *Please note that Double Twinkle Pencil Case is only available in Grey only. 

    Cleaning Method:
    - Bags are not washable, gently wipe it with a wet cloth or wet tissue on the outer surface or dirty spots.


    (Disco Bag Collection)
    - Due to nature of glitter fabric, fine black dots may be found, and this is not a defect.
    - There may be a small amount of glitter falling off when using for the first time, but this is mostly residues from fabric cutting. If you're sensitive towards falling glitter residue, please avoid purchase.

    (Twinkle Pencil Case)
    - Residual cut sequins, seams, fine dust, etc, may be mixed between the vinyl, and this is not a defect.
    - There may be stains from sequins and this is not a defect.

    Charms are not included with the bag.

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