Super Filling Konjac Basil Jelly White Grape/Peach (8 Packs/1 Box)


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Super Filling Konjac Basil Jelly White Grape and Peach flavours are both NOT halal certified, vegan and keto friendly.


We are extremely thrilled to be bringing in this well-loved Korean product to our #ksisterfam! It was first curated as a gift with purchase for the first 500 customers and we were so excited to see several requests for launch by the Ksisters community for both White Grape & Peach flavours!

A low calories & high fibre content Korean healthy sweet snack (5 kcal)! Perfect for health and weight-conscious individuals~ If taking care of your health is high up on your list of resolutions for the year or next, the Super Filling Konjac Basil Jelly is definitely your go-to!

Remember to chill them in the refrigerator for extra goodness! 

Note: If you have a lighter palette, this product may taste sweeter for you due to the replacement of sugar with Erythritol (sweetener).

Original video by Cafe Sunjoo


The konjac plant has become a trending topic in Korea and gaining tremendous popularity in other Asian countries due to its promise of great health and weight loss benefits. Konjac is a root vegetable that resembles an unusually-shaped potato (as they come from the same family as potatoes).

The bulb of this plant, which grows underground, is high in a soluble fiber called Glucomannan. This fiber is known to absorb water to form a gel-like material and slows down our digestion. In actual fact, it has the highest molecular weight and consistency as any known dietary fibre. Therefore, it could be effective as a weight loss aid because it takes up space in the stomach, thereby simulating the sensation of being full.

By processing the root of the konjac plant, one can easily make various types of konjac related products like konjac flour to konjac sponge, and not forgetting konjac jelly - served as a suitable replacement for gelatin, where people use it as a food thickener!

With individuals becoming more healthy conscious in Korea, it is easily understandable on the rise of konjac products in most grocery and convenience stores.

Here are many other benefits of konjac that you may not know. They help with:

  • Improvement in Digestion - Konjac is water soluble, therefore it helps with strengthening your digestive system.
  • Weight loss - Foods created with Konjac typically contain less carbohydrates (which means lower calories). The perfect alternatives for weight-conscious individuals to achieve a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Absorption of minerals - Konjac helps your body to absorb minerals, making your daily healthy eating much more useful. By helping with the absorption of minerals, foods and drinks you ingest will be able to be used more effectively.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects 
  • Healthier skin
  • Improvement in cholesterol levels 


Konjac products are particularly appealing because they

  • Are low in calories
  • Taste just like normal jelly snack
  • Makes you feel fuller for longer, without the harsh tastes!

One of the most popular foods in Korea is definitely the konjac diet jellies! With their great combination of konjac, erythritol, and flavouring, they are made available in spout pouches where consumers can conveniently purchase, consume and even store them on the go!

There's even cases where some might eat one pouch of them before every meal as a diet technique to eat lesser food! Slurp the jelly slowly up in one go, or savour it in tiny bites - either way, we're certain that you’ll love it as much as we do! 


    Introducing the Ksisters Community favourite Super Filling Konjac Basil Jelly in two yummy flavours - White Grape and Peach!! 

    Highly recommended for avid lovers of konjac looking for plump and bubbly texture! Basil seeds are added into them to create a BETTER TEXTURE and HIGHER Satisfaction Level for you!

    Enjoy the chewy texture of konjac that fills your mouth!

    Research behind the Super Filling Konjac Basil Jelly

    Peach vs White Grape - What are the differences?

    Both flavours contain the exact same ingredients except for their flavours and juice concentrate! Depending on your personal preference, opt for the flavour you prefer! 


    • BASIL SEEDS - High in fiber, they have the property of expanding when in contact with water! This helps to provide you with a natural filling feeling during consumption!
      • They are also evenly mixed to create a smooth texture as you chew! 
      • Konjac, which contains a large amount of Glucomannan, absorbs water and swells it.
      • It is solidified by heat in a high-viscosity upper pan to give it a soft texture.
      • Made of 97% of edible konjac water Glucomannan does not undergo digestion and absorption, making it a raw material with low calorie.
    • NO SUGAR!! Erythritol (Sweetener) is used instead!
      • Sugar is substituted by Erythritol in the formula!
      • Unlike other sweeteners, most of them are discharged from the body without being used as an energy source = Not being stored in your body as fats
      • Calorie is less than 1/10 of sugar, 70-80% of sweetness level
      • Also the first sugar alcohol produced by fermentation!


    • Want to enjoy it without guilt when you need something sweet! 5Kcal, Low in calorie~
    • Want to Enjoy it whenever you want to: Craving for something to chew even when you are not hungry
    • When you can't sleep and craving for a mid-night snack~ Fill up and have a deep sleep!
    • When an empty stomach bothers me in the morning and evening, Sweetly soothe your mood and stomach!

    Consumption Method and Warnings:

    • Please consume the product in small amounts and chew basil seeds properly.
    • Please be careful not to swallow the lid.
    • Please do not use the product for other purposes.
    • Please note that excessive consumption may result in laxative effects or induce problems to the digestive system.
    Instructions for Storage:
    • Store in a cool, airy area away from direct sunlight.


    Q1. Is there a suitable age for consumption of this product? 

    The recommended age range for consumption is 5 to 70 years old. Please consume the product in small amounts and chew basil seeds properly. Excessive consumption may result in laxative effects or induce problems to the digestive system.

    For ages below and above the recommended age range, individuals may experience difficulty in chewing the basil seeds properly, which could cause trouble in swallowing.

    Q2. Can pregnant or breastfeeding ladies consume this product?

    There were no cases of effects on pregnant or breastfeeding ladies. It is recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies to consume a small amount of basil as excessive consumption of this ingredient is not advisable. However, since it is a sensitive period, please kindly check with your doctor before purchasing or consumption.

    Q3. Can individuals with diabetes consume this product?

    There are no restrictions on consumption for individuals with diabetes. However, please kindly check with your doctor before purchasing or consumption.  

    Q4. What is the shelf life of the product?

    12 months, without opening. 

    Q5. How long can the product, if unfinished, be stored for in the refrigerator?

    If the product is unfinished, please store it in the refrigerator and consume within 1 week. It can last no longer than 24 hours in room temperature, if unfinished.

    Note: This product has been manufactured in a facility that also uses milk, soybeans, wheat, and tomatoes.


    White Grape - Purified Water, 90.01%, Erythritol, 6.4%, White Grape Juice Concentrate, 1%, Carrageenan Preparations (Caragen), 0.7%, Glucomman, 0.32%, White Grape Flavour, 0.75%, Citric Acid, 0.05%, Malic Acid, 0.15%, Sucralose, 0.04%, Loco Bean Gum, 0.08%, Basil Seeds, 0.5%

    Peach - Purified Water, 90.01%, Erythritol, 6.4%, Peach Juice Concentrate, 1%, Carrageenan Preparations (Caragen), 0.7%, Glucomman, 0.32%, Peach Flavour, 0.75%, Citric Acid, 0.05%, Malic Acid, 0.15%, Sucralose, 0.04%, Loco Bean Gum, 0.08%, Basil Seeds, 0.5%

    Expiry Date:
    White Grape - 19 July 2021
    Peach - 29 June 2021


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