Twist T-shirt Pink Girl


This lovely pink basic T-shirt has a secret at the back side! Lovely twist is the one I am talking! I love how this cute accent gives whimsical touch to this T-shirt. If you want something unique but basic design, this is the answer! Since summer season is closing now in Korea, restock is almost impossible. If you like it, you should secure now!!

*This product is T-shirt only! Punching Skirt is a separate product!

Made in Korea/ Brand : Lebonbon/ Hand wash recommended.

Size Chart(cm) One side flat lay

Yeonsoo wears size M (4YO, 17 kg, 105cm)

Jooha wears size S(3YO, 13kg, 95cm)

cm Age
S 2-3Y
M 4-5Y
L 6-7Y

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